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How can I activate my Blackboard courses so students can see them if I haven't been using them?

Activating your Blackboard courses is simple, but you must do it for each course you plan to use, and you must do it each semester. 

Activating your Blackboard Course

How can I post course materials on Blackboard so my students can view them?

Posting course materials, Powerpoints, links, and other materials on Blackboard is a simple and easy way to make sure your students have access to them no matter where they are.

Creating Organizational Folders on Blackboard
Posting Files on Blackboard
Linking to Other Websites on Blackboard

How can I facilitate course discussions with my students digitally?

The Discussion Forum object provides an easy way to add discussions to your Blackboard course when you can’t meet face to face with your students. For whole class discussions on open ended topics, we recommend using Standard View. If you want students to provide their answer to a question first before seeing what other students have said, then you will want to choose "participants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum."

Creating a Discussion Forum
For Students: Working with Discussion Forums (Recorded by Terri Burke)
Grading a Discussion Forum

How can I collect student assignments digitally?

The Blackboard Assignment feature allows faculty to collect assignments digitally, provide students feedback, and share student grades. Faculty can grade PDF and Word documents directly within the Blackboard interface, complete with annotations. Safeassign is also available for plagiarism checking.

Creating an Assignment
For Students: Working with Assignments (Recorded by Terri Burke)
Grading an Assignment

How can I share student grades confidentially and digitally?

Blackboard allows you to communicate individual grades and total grades with students. This is facilitated by the Blackboard Gradebook. Students will only ever see their own grades and not the grades of anyone else in the course.

Quick and Simple Gradebook Setup

How can I communicate updates, changes, and other relevant information to my students?

The TLC recommends that instructors use the Course Announcements tool in your Blackboard course to quickly and easily send information to your entire course. Course Announcements allows you to both post an announcement that students will see in the Blackboard mobile app and on the course home page, and to email the same announcement to students if you choose.

Sending a Course Announcement

How can I facilitate exams/quizzes digitally with my students?

Blackboard offers a Test tool that allows you to create tests of varying question types from scratch or import questions from a test bank such as Examview.

Creating a Test from Scratch
Deploying a Test for Students
For Students: Working with Tests in Blackboard (Recorded by Terri Burke)