Important Housing Notes

Please be aware that Dutchess Community College is committed to maintaining an environment that promotes health, well-being and student academic success. DCC is a "dry" campus, which means alcohol is not permitted in the residence hall or elsewhere on College property, even if a student is of legal drinking age. Please also remember that this is on-campus housing, not an apartment. If you wish to engage in activities and/or behavior prohibited by law or by DCC housing regulations, and wish to live in an unmonitored environment, you should not apply to live in the residence hall.

We are proud to be a tobacco- and smoke-free campus.

Students who live outside Dutchess or Putnam County must have a final high school average of at least 75 (or a TASC score of at least 2800) in order to be eligible to live in the residence hall, and those who have stronger academic records may have an advantage in the housing award process. If you do not live in Dutchess or Putnam counties, and you do not meet this standard, please do not apply for housing. We suggest you either commute to DCC -- or enroll at your local community college for a semester -- do well, and then apply to live on our campus.

Students transferring from another college to DCC with a GPA of below 2.0 will be individually considered for housing eligibility.

Students living in the residence hall in the fall must be 18 years of age by December 31; those entering the residence hall for the first time in the spring must be 18 by March 1.

You may not live in the residence hall if you have been dismissed from another college or withdrawn from another college under threat of dismissal.

You may not live in the residence hall if you have been convicted of a felony.