DCC’s New Aviation Maintenance Programs Take Flight

April 2, 2021 — A new program at Dutchess Community College (DCC) is expected to address one of the aviation industry’s most pressing needs: a shortage of highly trained aviation maintenance technicians.  

Starting this fall, DCC will offer an airframe and powerplant technician certificate program and an aviation maintenance technician degree and that will give students two options for learning how to keep aircraft operating safely and efficiently, while gaining valuable experience in servicing, repairing and testing aircraft and aircraft systems. 

“The new airframe and powerplant technician programs represent a significant step in the expansion of DCC’s world-class aviation offerings,” said Ellen Gambino, acting president of DCC. “We know that there is growing regional, national and international demand for well-trained aviation maintenance technicians as many in the field are reaching retirement age thresholds. We believe, DCC can play an important role in addressing this need.”

The uniquely designed and intensive coursework will feature plenty of real-world hands-on opportunities to work with state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced aircraft system simulators, a modern welding and sheetmetal shop, and aircraft, including a Gulf Stream G3, a selection of Cessnas and a Robinson 22 helicopter. Students will also be among the first group of students to take advantage of DCC’s brand-new 32,000 sq ft. Aviation Education Center and hangar located on the busy Hudson Valley Regional Airport grounds.  

The certificate can be finished in approximately 12 months while the degree program takes just a little over 20 months to complete. Graduates can then look forward to thriving careers in high-demand and well-paying employment areas, such as general aviation, fixed-base operations, executive aircraft services, major airlines, aircraft contractors, modification operations, and manufacturers, as they apply their skills around the country or across the globe.

Students with an interest in aviation and a high degree of mechanical and technology aptitude are encouraged to find out more about these exciting new opportunities at www.sunydutchess.edu/aviationtech