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Adventures in Biotechnology! (ABT) - In this workshop, students will learn to use equipment used by scientists in Microbiology and Genetics! This will include the technique of DNA extraction, use of the pipette, and gel electrophoresis.

Geometry in Architectural Design (Architecture 2 hour workshop) (ARC) - This workshop will focus on women architects and their designs. Geometry will be examined in terms of how it informs and influences architectural form. Students will utilize architectural computer software to design and print out a building concept.

Aviation Demo (AVI) - A licensed pilot will demonstrate the math and science utilized in aviation and you will have an opportunity to perform some of those calculations as well.

Can Your Bridge Withstand the Forces of Nature? (BDB) - Have you ever wondered why certain bridges are made one way and not another? Have you ever looked at bridges when you were on a road trip and wondered if you could build something like that someday? Spoiler Alert: YOU CAN! If you?d like to see the physics behind some basic bridge designs, build some of your own, and see what it takes to collapse a few bridges, come and see the physics behind bridges!

Build Your Own Telescope, Spot Craters on the Moon! (BYT) - Participants will get to learn about telescopes, and have the opportunity to build a working refracting telescope that will be theirs to keep! Your creation should be good enough to spot craters on the Moon, and possibly many other celestial objects of interest. If you are curious about the night sky, this workshop is for you!

Cloud Creation (CCC) - Students will learn the basic principles of cloud formation to make clouds right at their desks!

Cryptography (CRP) - In this workshop, students will learn the mathematics behind encrypting and decrypting messages. This will including looking at different types of ciphers. Students will leave the workshop with a cipher disk used to create secret messages.

EMS and Medical Math (EMS) - Pre-hospital providers work closely with physicians to treat patients, and this includes administering medication. See how math equations are used to save lives!

Fold Me! (FLD) - Use origami, the art of paper folding, to so some mathematics while making some really cool creations!

Groundwater Detectives (GWD) - How do geoscientists track where pollution goes underground? You will do experiments to solve a groundwater mystery. A local business has a chemical leak that might contaminate their water well if they don't act quickly. They hire your geoscience investigation team to test water samples and map the extent of the leak. Follow the clues to help solve this groundwater mystery and protect this vital natural resource!

Getting to the Heart of the Matter (HOM) - You are in a forensic lab and have a heart that has stopped beating. Explore the heart as you look for the cause of death. You will be looking at real animal hearts.

Nanotechnology: Tiny Tech With Big Impact! (NAN) - Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at the nanoscale, dimensions between 1 and 100 nanometers. This scale is incredibly small -- a human hair is approximately 80,000 to 100,000 nanometers wide! At the nanoscale, matter such as gases, liquids, and solids can exhibit interesting, unusual, and unexpected physical, chemical, and biological properties. Come and learn about these "nano properties" through demonstrations, hands-on activities, and experiments.

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Springing into Action! (SIA) - Catapults were originally designed as siege machines for use in ancient warfare, and evolved over the centuries. Though they are no longer used today, catapults are still built on a regular basis by re-enactors, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Join us to build your very own marshmallow catapult and explore the physics behind these amazing machines!

Soldering Circuits (SNS) - Participants will build a circuit using soldering. The activity includes soldering methods and learning about how electronic circuits work. Each participant will take home their completed circuit.

In Search of Fossils (SOF) - Learn about plants and animals that lived 35 million years ago in the land we now call Florida. Sift through sediment to find fossilized clues to past life. Identify the fossils you find to start or add to your fossil collection.

Using Satellites to Study Earth (SSE) - Did you ever wonder about satellites and the data they collect? This workshop will introduce you to remote sensing - using data from satellites or high flying aircraft to study Earth from a distance. Learn about remote sensing tools and resources. Use a computer to evaluate large-scale data sets to see how the Earth changes over time.

Why does Money Exist? (WME) - Students will participate in a simulation of a market in colonial times as a farmer bringing their products to market to trade. They will first barter, exchanging the goods they "produced" for other goods. Then, in a second round, they will trade again, using money as a medium of exchange. We the discuss what is money, what can be money, and why it is worth anything.