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Tuesday, November 30th @ 7pm

Multidisciplinary work

"Acusticorporal" is a one-man show that talks about the body, the body as a resonator of everything it perceives. How sounds, rhythms, vibrations and words affect it (in the good sense of the word).

The body itself as a generator of harmony and poly-rhythm, becoming a musical instrument of the environment.

"Acusticorporal" takes as inspiration different traditional dance styles such as African dance from Guinea and Senegal as well as Son Jarocho from Mexico to bring it thus to a contemporary language.

*Project supported by the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes FONCA, Mexico. Creadores Escénicos 2020 Program.


Scenic creator / Argelia Arreola.
Musician / Felipe Fournier.
Visuals / Diego Fournier.
Music / Felipe Fournier, Don Andrés Vega & Axel Tosca.

About Argelia Arreola:
Bachelor's in Contemporary Dance, Universidad Veracruzana, México.
Formally trained in traditional African Dance of Guinea, for 18 years. Argelia has taught African dance workshops for more than 15 years in Mexico, United States, and Costa Rica. Her main influence is the direct relationship with the percussion, using the language of African, Afro-Cuban and Mexican folk dance, and taking them to the field of contemporary dance. Argelia is a dancer and choreographer of Ballet Nepantla, MotusDuet and a member of Jarana Beat.
Currently is a fellowship recipient of the Mexican National Program of Scenic Creators FONCA with the project "Acusticorporal".


Es un unipersonal que habla sobre el cuerpo, el cuerpo como un resonador de todo lo que percibe. Cómo le afectan (en el buen sentido de la palabra) sonidos, ritmos, vibraciones y palabras.
El cuerpo mismo como generador de armonía y poli rítmia, convirtiéndose en un instrumento musical del entorno.
Acusticorporal toma como inspiración diferentes estilos de danza tradicional como la africana de Guinea y Senegal así como el Son Jarocho de México y llevándolo a un lenguaje contemporáneo.

Obra multidisciplinaria

Creadora escénica: *Argelia Arreola
Músico: Felipe Fournier
Visuales: Diego Fournier
Música de: Felipe Fournier, Don Andrés Vega & Axel Tosca

*Beneficiaria del Programa de Creadores Escénicos 2020 del FONCA
Proyecto apoyado por el Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes FONCA, México.



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