Eng 216 Fiction Option

Keith O'Neill
Spring 2019

Optional Fiction Assignment

Instead of doing Paper 1 or 2 (but NOT both), you may chose to write a work of creative fiction for this class. However, because of the possibility that this assignment isn't taken seriously, I ask that you follow these directions carefully. Stories that don't observe the following requirements will be penalized significantly.

1) The story must be at least 15 pages, double spaced, and formatted as if you were submitting this piece for publication. Please follow the conventions of the contemporary fiction market, sometimes known as "Shunn format" (off-site link).

2) The story must follow the conventions of standard fiction: Dialogue should be get a new paragraph every time someone speaks, and it should identified by quotation marks. If you want to veer from these conventions for some reason, you must meet with me first.

3) The story must be proofread and follow the grammatical and punctuation rules that you would in a normal essay (with the understanding that the tone will probably be more informal and that characters often speak in fragments.

4) The story should in some way take its inspiration from one of the stories we've read. It can use the plot structure, for instance, or maybe it tells the same story from a different character's perspective. For insight, take a moment to read the essay "Writing Fiction" on pages 901-910 in your text.