Phase 3 Reopening Details: Employees

Dutchess County, as part of the Mid-Hudson region, has entered Phase 3 of the governor’s reopening plan. That means that while the College remains closed to the public, office operations may resume under public health guidelines, and planning for the eventual expansion of on-campus services will continue.

The general College-wide Work-from-Home arrangement has been extended until July 15, 2020. While the College remains closed to the public and offices are continuing to operate under strict department of health guidelines, student-facing and business offices will continue their phased-in approach to the eventual expansion of on-campus services. Managers have all developed return-to-work action plans for essential staffing, and those employees deemed essential, not already assigned to come in, are expected to return to campus and will be contacted directly by their supervisor. Consequently, some employees will continue to work partially on campus and partially remotely, while others will still work solely from home.

The College is committed to the safety of our employees and is following all guidance from local public health authorities:

1. All buildings will be cleaned and sanitized daily. High touch areas will be cleaned multiple times per day.

2. Face coverings must be worn at all times by all parties when interacting with others or when social distancing cannot be achieved. Employees are encouraged to bring in their own face coverings, if you do not have one, they are available in the Campus Security & Security office.  

3. Antibacterial wipe dispensers are located on each floor in SSC and Bowne Hall for staff to use at their workstations for sanitizing desk tops, phones or computer keyboards and mice.  

4. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in every building.

5. Offices will be staffed at no more than 50% capacity at any one time. To accomplish this, shift schedules or days can be staggered or alternated. On the workdays that employees are not assigned to be on campus, employees are expected to work remotely as applicable to their positions.

6. Risk mitigation and social distancing methods must be employed such as handwashing, surface cleaning, not sharing personal equipment, workstations spaced so that people can maintain 6 feet of space between them at all times and ensuring that confined spaces such as elevators are restricted to 50% capacity.

7. Employees who are ill or exhibit certain Covid-19 symptoms must refrain from coming on campus. Employees who exhibit these symptoms at work will be sent home.

8. Every effort should be used to limit in-person interactions. The use of videoconferencing, file sharing, mail drops, and other alternative methodologies should be strongly encouraged.

Employees who have health concerns about their individual safety must contact Human Resources for specific guidance.

Thank you for your cooperation.