The fall semester is underway! We’re pleased to report that our plan, approved by the state and informed by SUNY and our county, ensures that students will continue to receive an exceptional DCC education while keeping members of our campus community safe and reducing the spread of Covid-19. While instruction will continue, our residence hall will be closed for fall and spring.

Knowing that the coronavirus has impacted the health, well-being and financial security of our friends and neighbors, the College is excited to be able to make up to $500 in CARES Act federal funds available to full-time students starting – or continuing in – an associate degree program at DCC this fall. Part-time students enrolled in six to 11 credits may receive $250. This CARES Act Emergency Grant Funds will be distributed to eligible students in mid-September, and can be used for any purpose – including textbooks, technology, Internet access or other necessity.

The fall class schedule has been revised to reflect a transition to predominantly remote delivery. A very limited number of courses, such as some labs and others that require special on-site resources and in-person instruction, will meet on the Poughkeepsie campus within public health safety guidelines. 

There are various methods of remote course delivery. Every class section is coded to give students an understanding of what type of educational experience to expect.

Student services – including Admissions, Advising, Registration, Financial Services and Testing – are being delivered remotely. If you are a current DCC student, contact your advisor via email for help with registering for fall or email act@sunydutchess.edu. If you are a new, accepted student, follow the information you received from Admissions or email admissions@sunydutchess.edu. If you have not yet applied to DCC, you can do so via the yellow "Learn More" link.

DCC ID Cards

All members of the college community must obtain and wear a DCC photo ID whenever they are on campus. Student ID cards are issued in the Campus Security & Safety Office located in the Orcutt Student Services building. Enter through the east rear door of the building, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Due to Covid restrictions, only one student will be allowed into the building at a time. Please allow adequate time to get your new ID. Students must have an official valid photo ID and a copy of their class schedule to obtain their DCC ID.

Covid-19 requires us all to be flexible and adaptable as the situation – and public health guidelines – evolve. Please check back for updates. We look forward to helping you this fall and wish you every success!