Phase 4 Reopening Details: Employees

As you may be aware, the mid-Hudson Valley region is now in Phase 4 of the New York State reopening plan. That means that colleges and universities may reopen to the public upon approval of the organization’s reopening safety plan. The College has received approval from SUNY to resume on-campus operations within defined guidelines. This plan is available on the College’s website.

The College will be open to the public by appointment only. Employees not specifically authorized to work from a remote location will report to their campus work location or office at their regularly scheduled time, and to work their customary number of hours. Supervisors will notify their employees as to whether they may continue to work remotely or must return to work on campus. The decision to authorize an employee to work, in whole or in part, remotely will be based on the functions required in accordance with the operations of the department and the responsibilities of the specific position. Supervisors should continue to implement and or develop their return to normal operations planning with a targeted staffing level of at least a 50% on campus presence with a maximum building occupancy of 50% capacity.

While the College resumes normal operations, we continue to operate under strict public health guidelines. Our first priority is always to keep everyone safe. Therefore, all employees are REQUIRED to adhere to the following protocols:

1. In support of community safety, DCC has a Mandatory Health Screening Program. Every employee must continue to complete the Health Status Questionnaire daily when working on-site at any DCC Location. This form will be tracked and logged electronically and monitored by the Office of Human Resources. Employees who answer YES to any of the four health questions must go home and contact HR for further instruction. In order to assist you, the Department of Information Technology has created an online app for you to access the form, which is available on myDCC or accessed here.

2. Employees who are ill or exhibit Covid-19 symptoms may not come to campus. Employees who exhibit these symptoms at work will be sent home.

3. Face coverings must be worn at all times by all parties when interacting directly with others and social distancing cannot be guaranteed. In addition, face coverings must be worn at all times in common areas. This includes all public spaces such as hallways, restrooms and common-use areas within office suites. Please be respectful of others who may wish to be particularly cautious. Employees are encouraged to bring in their own face coverings. If you do not have one, they are available in the Campus Safety & Security office. This directive includes all employees, students, visitors, guests, and vendors. When making appointments, parties should be informed about the College’s face covering requirements.

4. We all have a shared responsibility to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. Risk mitigation and social distancing methods must be employed such as handwashing, surface cleaning, not sharing personal equipment, workstations spaced so that people can maintain six feet of space between them at all times, and ensuring that confined spaces such as elevators are restricted to no more than 50% capacity.

5. Employees should wipe down heavily used surfaces as frequently as possible. Antibacterial wipe dispensers are located in each occupied building for staff to use at their workstations for sanitizing desk tops, phones and computer keyboards and mice.

6. Frequent handwashing is strongly encouraged. Water, soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are available in every building.

7. All buildings will be cleaned and sanitized daily. High-touch areas will be cleaned multiple times per day.

8. Buildings will be maintained at no more than 50% capacity at any one time. To accomplish this, shift schedules or days may be staggered or alternated. On the workdays that an employee is not assigned to be on campus, they are expected to work remotely as applicable to their positions.

9. Every effort should be used to limit in-person interactions. The use of videoconferencing, shared files, mail drops, and other alternative methodologies should be strongly encouraged.

10. When physically on campus, all faculty and staff must wear and display their College issued identification at all times.

In order to maintain social distancing, each building will have one way in and one way out. Employees must follow directional signs when entering and exiting buildings. As before, most doors will remain locked. However, the rear center stairwell door of Bowne Hall and the SSC campus walkway and Security entrances will be unlocked from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday – Friday. Access to other open buildings will be monitored by safety personnel for face covering and traffic compliance. Off-hour access can be arranged for card access swipe by calling the Campus Safety and Security office at (845) 431-8070.

Employees should report any safety concerns to their supervisor and the Office of Human Resources.

Thank you for your cooperation.