Real Estate FAQs

Do I need a high school diploma to register for this program?

Although it’s not necessary to possess a high school diploma or equivalent to register for this program, it is recommended that you do complete a high school course of study prior to enrolling, as it’s likely to be required by potential employers. Click here to see how DCC can assist you with your high school equivalent.  

Do I need to have prior experience to register for this program?

No prior experience is needed to register for this class.

Are there any pre-admission or testing requirements?


How do I register for this program?

Registration can be done online or by contacting the Office of Community Services.

Is there financial aid available for this program?

No. However, funding might be available through Dutchess One-Stop or ACCES-VR.

Is there a payment plan available for this program?

Yes. If you choose not to pursue funding and instead wish to self-pay, our payment plan can break down the total cost of the tuition into smaller payments.

How important is attendance?

A student must attend 90% of the 75 class hours or they will not be able to take the college's final exam for the course.

What must I do to get a real estate license?

Take this NYS approved 75-hour course. Pass the final exam with at least a 70%. Pass the state exam ($15 fee.) Acquire a sponsoring broker. Apply for a license ($50 for two years.)

How much time outside of class is required for reading and homework each week?

Generally students should expect a minimum of 3 hours for each class to read the chapter, answer the questions at the end of the chapter, define vocabulary words and create questions based on the chapter.

Once I receive certification, do I need more training?
After you are licensed, you must take 22.5 hours of continuing education every two years to renew your license. When you associate yourself with a sponsoring broker, they should provide on the job training.

How and when do I find a sponsoring broker?

Most real estate offices are looking for new real estate agents. You can start your search for an appropriate sponsoring broker at any time. Though you cannot sell or list until you have obtained a license, there are offices that my welcome you to shadow and agent, attend office meetings, or simply observe daily office functions.

Do I have to take any exams?

In order to pass the course, you must pass the final exam, which consists of 100 multiple choice questions, with a minimum of 70%. You must also pass a similar state exam, which may be taken at any time during or after the course, at designated testing sites in Newburgh, Albany or New York City.

How much money do I need to get started?

Membership in a multiple listing service is $500. You will need to purchase business cards. If you work in a REALTOR’s office, you would join the National Association of REALTORS which is approximately $500 per year. And, of course, since it may take several months before your first closing, you will need funds to support yourself-you will likely be an independent contractor.

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