Medical Administrative Assistant

The Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Program gives students the comprehensive knowledge and skillset to obtain an entry level position in healthcare. Those who complete the program will be able to find immediate work in medical offices, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, health insurance companies, educational institutions, and with advanced computer skills, Health IT companies. Employment possibilities include positions in such departments as registration, scheduling, billing, authorizations, medical records, finance, IT support, and reception. The program is designed for beginners, but many students also have prior medical experience or are transitioning from accounting, retail, banking, and corporate administration positions.

Students looking to enter or further their career in healthcare should possess good interpersonal communication skills, excellent customer service skills, effective listening skills, good organization and time management skills. Healthcare workers must also possess qualities such as patience, understanding, dependability, loyalty and respect. Being a people person is a must. Since this course focus is administrative, those who would like to eventually work on the clinical side could immediately take courses such as EKG, CPR/BLS, and Laboratory Technician. Students may also further their careers by enrolling in a two-year medical assistant degree program or a nursing degree program. Other degree programs available to pursue include healthcare administration and public health.  


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