EKG Technician

Become a Certified EKG Technician in as little as 50 hours! Work as an EKG technician, patient care technician, cardiac diagnostician in a variety of settings including hospitals, medical/cardiology offices, cardiac rehabilitation facilities and stress testing labs. This course is also beneficial as a supplemental course for nursing students, EMTs, paramedics, echocardiographers and stress test technicians. Some students also pair this certification with certifications in Clinical Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy.

Although our EKG course is designed for beginners, some of our students have experience working as a unit secretary, phlebotomist, nursing assistant or licensed practical nurse prior to taking the course. Some job titles that a student might also work towards after becoming certified and working in the industry would be echocardiography, stress test technician, or Holter Monitor scanner/processing technician.

Students should have a HS diploma or equivalent, like working hands-on with patients, work well with others and have strong communication skills including the ability to read, write and speak English.


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