Emergency Closure Procedures

The predominantly remote environment in which the College is operating requires modifications to our inclement weather procedures that likely will result in less interruption to the work of the College.

Campus Closure

When inclement weather requires closure of the campus, all on-campus classes and activities are canceled and all employees, including Welcome Desk personnel and lab assistants, will not report to work. This excludes those required to report for work during inclement weather. Remote classes will proceed without interruption. Employees scheduled to work from home that day, as well as those who were scheduled to be on campus but who also have been working remotely, will be expected to work remotely or use benefit time.

Should faculty teaching a class impacted by the campus closure prefer to conduct the entire class remotely during the scheduled class meeting time, rather than reschedule instruction for a make-up day, they may do so.

Delayed Opening / Early Closure

When inclement weather necessitates a delayed opening or early closure that action will apply only to on-campus activities. Remote classes, and employees scheduled to work remotely, will proceed without interruption.

As always, main campus classes should meet in person if there is a minimum of 30 minutes of instructional time available after the opening of classes.  For example, when a delayed opening is announced for 11:00 a.m., classes that meet from 10:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m., should meet at 11:00 a.m. since 50 minutes still would be available for instruction.  Labs scheduled across the delayed opening that cannot be completed in the remaining time should meet with the remaining instructional time used for an alternative learning activity.

Should faculty teaching an in-person class impacted by the delayed opening prefer to conduct the entire class remotely during the scheduled class meeting time, rather than reschedule or conduct an abbreviated session, they may do so.  

Nursing students in clinicals should follow the instructions of the clinical instructor.

Student Responsibilities

Campus delays and closures apply to on-campus classes only. Classes delivered remotely will proceed as scheduled. In the event of a campus delay or closure, some faculty teaching in-person classes may choose to deliver instruction remotely at the regularly scheduled meeting time. Faculty will communicate such plans to students in advance of such an occurrence, and students will be expected to attend these remote sessions.

On days when the campus remains open during inclement weather, students enrolled in on-campus classes should make their own determination whether to attempt to travel to class based on the safety of road conditions in their own locale. Students will not be penalized for missing class under this circumstance, although students are responsible for the work missed and are expected to make it up in a reasonable time, as determined by the instructor.

Delay and Closure announcements will be announced on the College website and social media by 5:30 a.m., and on cancellations.com, poughkeepsiejournal.com and local radio.