Early Admissions

Ordinarily, students admitted to Dutchess Community College should either be high school graduates or hold the New York State High School Equivalency Diploma (HSE). However, since some high school students would benefit from taking a college class earlier, we created an Early Admissions Program just for them.

The program allows you to take courses at DCC while you're still in high school, earning credits toward a college degree. Also, if your high school agrees, these courses can be used to fulfill your high school graduation requirements.

If you have completed 11th grade and have earned above average grades and shown academic motivation, you're qualified to apply to DCC's Early Admissions Program. You'll have to take the ACCUPLACER entrance test and place for ENG 101 in order to be accepted into the program.

Guidelines for Applying to the Early Admissions Program

  1. You and your and parent/guardian should speak with your high school guidance counselor about your desire to enter the Early Admissions Program.

  2. Fill out a DCC application and send it, along with your high school transcripts, to DCC.

  3. Your guidance counselor fills out the Early Admissions Application, listing courses you need to fulfill to graduate from high school. The application is signed by you and your parent/guardian and is sent to DCC. This completes the application process.

  4. If your transcript indicates your readiness for college, you will be asked to sit for the ACCUPLACER test. You must place for ENG 101 on this test.

  5. Completed applications, including test results, transcripts, and the counselor form, are due at DCC by June 30 for the Fall Semester and December 1 for the Spring semester.

  6. If you are taking less than 12 credits at DCC, you'll also submit a signed permission form (available in the DCC Registrar's and Admission Offices, or in your high school guidance office) at the time of registration.

In addition, you and your parent/guardian must fulfill one of the following:

  • Attend an Early Admissions Informations Session either at DCC or at your high school, or

  • Meet with a member of the Admissions Staff, or

  • Meet with the academic advisor at a registration session.

Full-Time Early Admissions Application

Part-Time Early Admissions Application