Nursing Faculty

The Nursing faculty are student-focused professionals who want you to succeed in your chosen field of study. Faculty information is listed below should you wish to contact one of your professors. 

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Michele Lopez
Interim Department Head
Program Chair
Office: CBI 212B
Phone (845) 431-8578
Email: michele.lopez@sunydutchess.edu 

Pamela Duda, Instructor
Office: CBI 212G
Phone (845) 431-8573
Email: duda@sunydutchess.edu

Barbara Kabbash, Associate Professor of Nursing
Office: CBI 212F
Phone (845)-431-8581
Email: kabbash@sunydutchess.edu>

Nancy Moskowitz, Assistant Professor
Office: CBI 212J
Phone (845)-431-8574
Email: moskowit@sunydutchess.edu

Regina Odell, Instructor
Office: CBI 212I
Phone: (845) 431-8585

Marie Ostoyich, Instructor
Office: CBI 212C
Phone: (845) 431-8579

Treesa Scaria, Assistant Professor
Office: CBI 212H
Phone (845) 431-8580
Email: treesa.scaria@sunydutchess.edu

June Raffington, RN, MSN
Clinical Coordinator
Phone: (845) 431-8584

Mary Cohen, RN, BSN
Lab Assistant
(845) 431-8572

Conferred Part-Time Faculty

Linda Benton, Instructor
Andrea Johnson-Ramsay, Instructor
Carol Moran, Instructor
Bernadette Ryan, Instructor
Maryann Sharpe-Cassese, Instructor