Fire Science

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Fire Science Program

Dutchess Community College is proud to offer two programs in Fire Science.

Fire and Occupational Safety is designed primarily for those students who anticipate transferring to a four-year institution to pursue the baccalaureate degree. This program leads to rewarding careers in municipal fire protection, investigation and inspection, governmental agencies, industry, insurance, transportation and educational institutions.

The Fire Protection Technology program provides firefighters and related fire service personnel with specialized training. The curriculum has been developed by a local advisory committee to meet the needs of the area, including specialized fire science courses, as well as required liberal arts and science and general education courses. The program can be used as a basis for successful competition on municipal exams, volunteer fire company applications and entry into a variety of industrial settings. Students are encouraged to meet with the Fire Science Program Chairperson to ensure their goals will be met.

Thanks to the Fire Science program, DCC alum Mike found success as a firefighter and a small business owner.