Tutors and Staff

Student Tutors, Fall 2019


  • Angie D. (Interests: History, Music, Theatre, Reviews, English, General Research, Literature)

  • Allison D. (Interests: English)

  • Allyssa C. (Interests: English, Psychology)

  • Briland N. (Interests: Nursing, French)

  • Christian G. (Interests: Fiction, Analysis)

  • Emma S.  (Interests: English, Theater)

  • Jenn G.  (Interests: English, History, Phycology)

  • Jorell H.  (Interests: Proofreading, Outlining, Thesis)

  • Liz D. (Interests: Arts, Philosophy)

  • Matthew A.  (Interests: Psychology, English, History)

  • Nadivah B. (Interests: Women’s Literature, Anatomy & Physiology Lab Reports, Chemistry Lab Reports)

  • Natasha G. (Interests: Psychology, Biology, Photography, Film)

  • Nnennia M. (Interests: Mental Health, Creative Writing, Literature, Biology)

  • Peter K. (Interests: English, History, Research Papers, Lab Reports)

  • Ramaj D. (Interests: History, Computers)

  • Samantha K. (Interests: Anthropology, History, Film, LAH Seminar)

  • Savanna B.  (Interests: Early Education, Elementary Education, History, Government)

  • Tytiana R. (Interests: Psychology, History, English, LAH Seminar

  • Teddy S. (Interests: Politics, History, Government)

  • Veronica T. (Interests: English, History, Psychology)




Brenda Squires
Professor, English and Director of the Writing Center

Leigh Williams
Professor, English and Director of the Teaching Resource Project 

Eric Tomik
Teaching Lab Assistant, Writing Center Computer Lab

Jeffrey Canino 
Professional Tutor and Coordinator of Student Academic Persistence

Henry Ricci
Professional Tutor

Carrie Landi
Professional Tutor

Bill Reilly
Professional Tutor

Michael Lutomski
Professional Tutor


Writing Center

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Phone: (845) 431-8095

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