Online Tutoring

Welcome to the online tutoring services at the Dutchess Community College Writing Center! Here you will find information about how you can arrange to talk with a tutor about your paper using Google Docs real-time chat. Normally, you can expect to get an online appointment within 24 hours within the five-day school week, though it might take longer if the Center is busy. 


1) If you do NOT have an account with Google, head to http://google.com, click the “SIGN IN” icon, and then click the “SIGN UP” icon. Create an account.

If you already have an account with Google, click the “SIGN IN” icon and enter your account information.

2) Next, navigate to http://docs.google.com

Welcome! This is your Google Docs collection, a space where you can create and automatically save documents.

3) If you’ve already written your assignment in Google Docs, skip to the next step.

If not, you’ll need to copy and paste your written work from your word processing software into a separate Google Docs file. To do this, click on the rectangle labeled “BLANK” on the Google Docs homepage. This will create a new document that you can name (edit name in top left corner) and then copy/paste your writing into.

4) Once you are ready to share your document with the DCC Writing Center, call (845) 431-8095 and schedule an appointment for a real-time tutoring session.

5) Then, open up the document you wish to share via Google Docs. Click the blue rectangular “SHARE” icon in the top right corner of your screen. (If you have not yet titled your document, Google Docs will now prompt you to do so.) Another window titled “SHARE WITH OTHERS” will appear in the middle of your screen; enter dccwritingcenter@gmail.com into the text box. Before finishing, click the gray pencil icon next to the text box and make certain the option “CAN EDIT” is selected. Finally, click the blue “DONE” button.

6) At the scheduled date and time of your appointment, sign back into your Google Docs account and click the document you shared with dccwritingcenter@gmail.com.

We would also advise you to call The Writing Center [(845) 431-8095] ten to fifteen minutes before the start time of your appointment, particularly if it is your first time using this service. That way, we can make certain you’ve shared your document with us successfully and can resolve any issues before your appointment’s start time.

7) In the Google Docs document space, you’ll discuss your assignment with a DCC Writing Center professional tutor, who will be able to chat with you via text while you both work on the paper. Any changes made to the document will be seen simultaneously by both you and the tutor. At the start of your appointment, you will receive an instant chat message from the tutor. You may respond in the “reply” box.

What to Remember:

  • You need to have an account with Google.
  • Call the Writing Center to schedule an appointment.
  • Be online and ready at the time of your appointment.
  • If you lose the instant message box, you can click the word bubble icon at the top of the document to reopen it.