Be a Tutor

Peer tutoring is a great way to help your fellow students and earn extra money!


Additional requirements for Level 1 ITTPC/CRLA certification include:

  • 25 one-on-one tutoring hours or 50 group tutoring hours (No-shows do not count)

  • 10 hours of tutor training workshops (specific workshops are required.)

  • A self-evaluation, student evaluation, and coordinator evaluation

  • CRLA certification assessment

Benefits of becoming a CRLA certified tutor:

  • Enhance your skills and become a more effective tutor

  • Continue to grow and learn

  • Opportunities for leadership roles

  • Receive evaluation and feedback

  • Expand your resume or college application with CRLA training plus have credentials for tutoring at another college or for private tutoring

  • Payment for training activities;