Placement Tests Offered

To foster student success, DCC administers placement tests to new students. This ensures that students are placed in classes consistent with their current level of academic ability. While other tests may be required based on a student's individual needs, the ACCUPLACER test is the primary tool.


Dutchess Community College administers the WritePlacer essay for English course placement. Click ACCUPLACER to download the WritePlacer Guide with sample essays. In most cases the results are available immediately.

Lumen OHM Math Placement Test

This math placement test was created by the math department to help determine course placement. Click here to view test overview. This exam is graded upon completion.

Versant English Placement Test for English as a Second Language (ESL)

Versant is an English language placement test, designed to place students whose second language is English into English Language Institute courses or English courses. This test is a 50-minute exam that has four components; speaking, listening, writing, and reading. This exam is graded upon completion.

Science Placement Test

A test for students who wish to place into BIO 131. It is a requirement of the nursing program. This is a 40-minute, 40 multiple choice question test. This exam is graded upon completion.

Click Science Screening Test Guide and Sample Science Placement Test for more information on the test.

Spanish Placement Test WebCAPE

The Spanish Placement test evaluates a student’s current Spanish skills and determines course placement. It is an untimed computer adaptive test.