Leadership Directory


Name/Title Phone
(all 845 area code)
Dr. Ellen Gambino / Acting President 431-8980
Bridgette Anderson / Associate Vice President of Administration, Facilities 431-8655
Maria Boada / Interim Dean of Academic Affairs 431-8966
Esther Couret / Director of Human Resources Management, Title IX Coordinator 431-8673
Gail Glover / Director of Communications and Public Relations 431-8405
Susan Mead / Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services 431-8036
Diana Pollard / Executive Director of the DCC Foundation 431-8403
Donna Rocap / Associate Vice President of Administration, Business Office 431-8066 
Michael Roe / Associate Dean of Student Services and Enrollment Management 431-8018
Scott Schnackenberg / Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment 431-8680
Martin Schneider / Director of Grants 431-8968
Colleen Trogisch / Dean of Student Services 431-8974