Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of human research subjects, in accordance with the 2018 Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45 Public Welfare, Part 46 Protection of Human Subjects (45 CRF 46).

  • The IRB has oversight over all research activities at DCC involving human subjects, except in cases of typical educational activities, pedagogical inquiries, and internal assessment efforts by DCC’s instructional faculty. While there are additional categories of research that are exempt from IRB oversight, the determination of exemption must be made by the IRB rather than prospective researchers.

  • IRB review and approval (or exemption) must be obtained before beginning any human subjects research activities. This applies to all DCC faculty, staff, and students conducting research, either within the college or in the larger community. Non-DCC researchers who wish to include DCC students or employees in their research must also undergo IRB review.

Information about policies and procedures are provided in the IRB Manual.

Interested researchers must complete the online IRB Application Form.

Supporting materials must be sent to

Thank you for your interest in conducting research at DCC!