Diversity Council Members

Maria F. Boada
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Maria Boada joined the college in 2018. Throughout her long tenure in higher education, both as faculty and as an administrator, Maria has been an advocate for underserved students, always approaching her work through the lens of helping others understand the value that diversity brings to the educational learning experience. She’s currently acting dean of Academic Affairs at DCC where she also co-chairs the President’s Diversity Council and is a member of Dutchess Community College Consortium for Undocumented Students. In addition to her work in the Academic Affairs Office, Maria continues to be a champion for equity and inclusion initiatives, encouraging reflective practices and professional development that supports inclusive classroom and pedagogy.

Gary Bolduc
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Gary Bolduc has been at the college since August 2018.

Melissa Carlo - Gonzalez
Director of TRIO

Since 2001, Melissa has worked to support access and equity for low income, first-generation college and college-bound students as well as undergraduate students with disabilities Melissa has been at Dutchess since Fall 2016. She has served on the Committee for Student Learning and Assessment since 2017.

Jessica A. Geer, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Professor Geer has been at the College since 2015. She believes that "diversity is acceptance, inclusion and equality amongst all races, genders and sexual orientation. Diversity is like an intricately woven quilt. Each tapestry, side by side, comes together to make a beautiful, and colorful work of art."

Shalon Hallager
Instructor of History
Department of History, Government and Economics

Shalon Hallager has been at DCC since August of 2017. She teaches courses in American History and Women's History. (she, her)

Paula Lockshon, LMSW
An instructor in the Human Services program, Paula Lockshon founded the DCC Consortium for Immigrant and Undocumented Students and is the founding member of DCC’s LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Committee.

Jacqueline Goffe-McNish
Professor of English
Chief Diversity Officer
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Jacqueline Goffe-McNish, supervisor of English in the College Connection Program, has been at the college since 1991.

Mariana Melo, Sc.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Allied Health and Biological Sciences

Willie Morris

Steven Posada
Diversity Admissions Counselor
Admissions Office

Steven Posada has been at the college since June of 2017 and is an active member of the Consortium for Undocumented Students. (he, his him)