Lyceum Series

Each year, the Student Activities Office, strives to assemble a stimulating lecture series for our College Community. Comprised of prominent speakers, renowned artists and other dynamic guests, the Lyceum programs are well worth your time.


Saturday, September 20, 2014
Jim Donovan                        
Rhythm Team                        
11:00 a.m., Drumlin Hall

Jim Donovan, M. Ed. Leadership, is an award-winning musician, educator and inspirational trainer whose mission is to empower and connect people.  In his work, Donovan offers specialized programs in the US and abroad focused on using rhythm, sound and other holistic techniques as vehicles for personal growth, healing and the creation of community.

Rhythm Team is a leadership program that is a unique, surprising and “out of the box” way to create synergistic connections among our students.

To do this, the Rhythm Team experience offers an expertly-designed group music creation process that offers your team a physical way to feel and hear its own synergy by quickly and seamlessly transforming them into a connected, focused and potent percussive orchestra.

Within 75-90 minutes, your participants change from a disconnected room of individuals staring at their smart phones into a highly engaged, creative and self-facilitating team.

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Juan Pacheco                        
"From Gang Member to Pediatrician…What does it take??”
12:30 p.m., James and Betty Hall Theatre

Juan Pacheco is a former gang member who has invested his life working and volunteering as the East Coast Representative for Barrios Unidos, a youth violence prevention/intervention and community awareness organization. Mr. Pacheco also worked as community liaison for World Vision’s Community Mobilization Initiative (CMI) and his role helped the CMI Program attain the title of “Best Practices in Gang Prevention.”

In his lecture, “From Gang Member to Pediatrician…What does it take??” Mr. Pacheco relates all the things in life that he was forced to sacrifice because of his gang involvement, including his freedom and a full scholarship to George Mason University. But Juan Pacheco has turned his life around and uses his past experiences with overcoming obstacles to fuel his dreams for the future. He is now in the Pre-Med Program at George Mason University and is working to help other young people change their lives for the better by telling his story.

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Mission Wolf                        
Education vs. Extinction                
12:30 p.m., James and Betty Hall Theatre

Mission Wolf is a remote wolf sanctuary in the Wet Mountains of southern Colorado.  Their primary goal is to educate the public to provide a better future for wolves and people, helping resolve conflicts between humans and animals.  They teach people why wolves don’t make good pets and why wild wolves are vital for healthy ecosystems.

You will be meeting wolves, Maggie and Zaeb, and wolf-husky Abraham.  This program offers people a chance to meet a live wolf and dispels myths and fears. Don’t forget to stay around for the group howl at the end.