Lyceum Series

Each year, the Student Activities Office strives to assemble a stimulating lecture series for our College community. Comprised of prominent speakers, renowned artists and other dynamic guests, the Lyceum programs are well worth your time.

September 18
Take Back the Night
Our 1st Take Back the Night Event on Friday, Sept 18th will begin with Light Refreshments at 7pm in Dutchess 101. A discussion with our Guest Speaker Amanda Blaugher will follow. The event will end with a march & vigil on campus that will culminate on the Main Walkway with spoken word and other sharing by attendees.
The event will approximately end by 9pm.

September 24
“Weight of the Nation” Screening
James and Betty Hall Theatre - 12:30 p.m.
Three years in the making, THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION examines the facts and myths of how obesity affects the health of the nation and the healthcare system. The film features case studies and interviews with leading experts, individuals and families struggling with obesity. The series also highlights how individuals, worksites, and communities are making positive changes. Members of the Health, Physical Education and Dance Department will be on hand to perform BMI screenings and have information on DCC resources to combat obesity.  Presented by the Student Government Association, Nursing Department and the Health, Physical Education and Dance Department.