Hours Help is Available by Course


                    Summer 2017


Session I


We have tutors for every math course and every biology course every hour, with the exception of Microbiology (BIO212).  

BIO212 help hours are:

Monday 10-12

Tuesday 10-2

Thursday 12-2


Session II



Math:  There is tutoring for all Math courses all hours.





BIO030 all hours

BIO103 all hours

BIO106 all hours

BIO130 all hours


Monday 10-12, 1-4


                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday 10-11, 1-4


                                                                           Wednesday 10-4


                                                                           Thursday 10-11, 1-4




Monday 1-4


                                                                            Tuesday 1-4


                                                                            Wednesday 12-4


                                                                           Thursday 1-4






Chemistry: There is tutoring for all Chemistry courses all hours.




Physics: There is tutoring for all Physics courses all hours.