Success Strategy Grade  - Options  Available


Below are the choices at the "Success Strategies", along with how many points each option can contribute. For full details on each option, such as submission requirements, click on the link.


Reflective Writing & Exploring Your Personal Learning Style:

Goal Setting and Tending

Practice Exercises:

Office Visit:

Significant Work with Tutor, Student Leader or Classmates:  

Test & Turn in Homework Analysis

Test/ Major Quiz Preparation:

Compilation of Meaningful Notes:

Organized Collection:

Other Possibilities : Feel free to talk to me if you have other ideas for Success Strategy Options.  I am happy to work with you if your idea is well thought out.  Points possible will be determined based on the option you present.

Keep the following thoughts in mind:

Any Success Strategy Points accrued can help you at the end of the semester.  Even if you accrue only 40 points total, you will be able to add a grade in to your semester grade which shows up as 40/40, or you'd be able to dropan assignment that was worth no more than 40 total points or you'd be able to convert your 40/40 to 10 points extra credit (25% of the points accumulated).

Accruing the full 100 points gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of your semester grade.  You can use your Success Strategies grade as an extra grade or  to drop up to 2 regular turn in homework grades or quizzes (not the final project for the course if one is assigned), as long as the total points possible for the turn ins/ quizzes are not more than 100, or you can convert your points to extra credit which is computed as 25% of the points accumulated.

All submissions for your Success Strategies Grade must be submitted according to the time frames set for the various options.  No submissions will be accepted except in the time frame indicated under that option.


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