Suzuki philosophy states that every child can develop musical ability. Children begin study at an early age since initial learning takes place through listening and the development of the ear and memory. Attention is given to tone, expression and the technique to achieve them. Parental involvement in lessons/classes/home practice is essential to the child’s success.

Private and Group Suzuki Lessons For Children
Suzuki students register for weekly lessons. Suzuki violin students may register for a group class at the appropriate level. Parent attends each lesson or group class. Individual lessons focus on mastery of the instrument, while group classes develop ensemble skills needed for orchestral playing. With permission of the instructor, parent and child may share a semi-private lesson in which both learn to play the instrument.

Individual Lessons (14 Sessions)
Section 10 30-minute lessons $395
Section 11 45-minute lessons $580
Section 12 60-minute lessons $770

Suzuki Faculty
Suzuki Strings Coordinator: Nettie R. West
Violin Instructors: Heeja Questad, Elizabeth Tedesco, Nettie R. West
Cello Instructors: Nicole Moody, Jean Vilkelis
Piano Instructors: Ariana Barkeshli, Richard Devens, Beverly Poyerd and Nettie R. West.

Instruments and Materials:
Suzuki’s book “Nurtured by Love” is required reading material for parents. Each child/parent team obtains listening CDs and books appropriate to the curriculum. Suzuki piano instruction requires an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard with weighted full-size touch-sensitive keys and at least 6 ½ octaves for home practice.

For Violin or Cello Rentals: Please contact Stamell Strings at (845) 337-3030 or
Joseph Regh Violins at (845) 297-2521.

Attention Violin Parents: Violin sizes fit the child, who should be measured by the teacher. Rental allows you to change violin size as your child grows, and rental fees may often be applied to purchase when ready. Some dealers allow trade-ins on purchased instruments as well.

Pre-Twinkler Suzuki Violin and Cello MUX 199 ages 3 - 4

(8 Sessions) Includes parental instruction. This is a small group class for young children who want to begin to learn to play the violin. Goals are to develop focus, balance, rhythm and musical sense in a loving and supportive environment and to prepare parent and child for successful violin or cello study. Suzuki Parent Orientation is recommended. Instruments required by the third session. Sections 90 and 91 class dates are: Thursdays 1/19, 2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/16, 3/30, 4/20, and 4/27. Note: R=Thursday.
Section 90 is for new beginners:
5775 90 2:30 p.m.–3:15 p.m. (R) 1/19-4/27 DS E. Tedesco $140
Section 91 is for continuing PreTwinkler violin students from previous semester:
5776 91 3:30 p.m.–4:15 p.m. (R) 1/19-4/27 DS E. Tedesco $140

Suzuki Violin and Cello Groups MUX 200 ages 5 - 7
These sections are for violin beginners or advanced beginners from previous semester.
For violin rentals, contact Stamell Strings at (845) 337-3030 or Joseph Regh Violins at (845) 297-2521, after children are measured on the first class date.
Class dates are Thursdays 1/19, 2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/16, 3/30, 4/20, and 4/27.

Sections 90 & 91 (12 Sessions) consist of 8 Violin Group Sessions and 4/30-minute individual lessons with Elizabeth Tedesco. Section 90 is for Violin New Beginners, Section 91 is for Violin Advanced beginners. Individual lesson dates will be arranged with the instructor.
5777 90 4:30 p.m.–5:15 p.m. (R) 1/19-4/27 DS E. Tedesco $200
5778 91 5:15 p.m.–6:00 p.m. (R) 1/19-4/27 DS E. Tedesco $200

Section 92 (8 Sessions) consists of Group Sessions for Advanced Beginner students interested in GROUP ONLY or students taking individual lessons with other Suzuki violin instructors.
5779 92 5:15 p.m.–6:00 p.m. (R) 1/19-4/27 DS E. Tedesco $100