Non-Credit Course/Program Evaluation




Please rate the Instructor and the Course on the following scale by selecting the appropriate number:

4 - Strongly agree 2 - Disagree somewhat NA - Not applicable
3 - Agree 1 - Strongly disagree  



The Instructor:

  1. Explained the goals of the course.

  2. Was knowledgeable in the subject area.

  3. Communicated the subject matter well.

  4. Had a helpful attitude toward students and their questions.

  5. Made the class interesting.

  6. Would you take another course with the instructor?



The Course:

  1. Goals were met.

  2. Met my expectations.

  3. Met my needs.

  4. Textbook was appropriate.

  5. Handouts were helpful.

  6. Audio-visual materials were effective.

  7. The pace at which materials were covered was:

  8. Would you recommend the course to others: