General Studies (GSP)

The General Studies Program, which leads to an A.S. degree, allows students substantial flexibility in course selection. In so doing, it provides them the opportunity to explore and refine their intellectual interests and permits students to develop an area of academic concentration.

The General Studies Program is geared to facilitate transfer to four-year institutions of higher learning. Those students transferring to SUNY baccalaureate-granting schools will have completed a minimum of 30 SUNY General Education credits and satisfied 10 out of 10 General Education requirements from the Appendices in the current catalog. Students intending to transfer should make certain that their course selections meet the requirements of their chosen transfer institutions. To maximize transferability of courses and ensure their overall progress, students in the General Studies Program must select courses and develop their plans of study in consultation with academic advisors.

Students who successfully complete the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in General Studies (GSP) will be able to:

  • Formulate or evaluate arguments, problems or opinions and arrive at a solution, position, or hypothesis based on carefully considered evidence;
  • Produce writing that is well-organized, well developed, and clear;
  • Demonstrate the ability to use technology and software applications to produce an output or perform analyses appropriate to their academic program/discipline;
  • Work with graphical, numerical, or symbolic models to solve problems and interpret results;
  • Apply the scientific method, develop hypotheses, analyze results and draw conclusions;
  • Demonstrate oral communication skills in a clear and organized manner using appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication techniques with regard to subject, purpose, and audience.

First Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ENG 101 Composition I 3
BHS 103 Social Problems in Today's World 3
American History (Appendix D) 3
Elective (a)   3-4
WFE 101 Lifetime Wellness and Fitness 3
GSS 100 General Studies Introductory Seminar 1
TOTAL   16-17

Second Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ENG 102 Composition II 3
Math Course (b)   3-4
Humanities (a)   3
Social Science Elective (a) 3
Elective (a)   3-4
TOTAL   15-17

Third Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
Science Course (a)   4
Electives (a)   13
TOTAL   17

Fourth Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
Science Course (a)   4
Electives (a)   12
TOTAL   16

a. These courses must be selected so as to satisfy all of the following requirements: At least one course from each of the ten SUNY General Education Appendices. A minimum of two science courses from Appendix B. Students may not use ENG 102 to satisfy the Humanities requirement. A 200-level English course is highly recommended. A minimum of two 200-level courses are required. Electives should be in the student’s area of academic interest/concentration.

b. For students whose area of academic concentration is the social sciences, MAT 118 is highly recommended. Others should select MAT 109 or higher.