Courses Applicable in All Programs

The following table lists courses that are applicable in all programs with exceptions noted. Modifying data under individual programs takes precedence. This table is for reference purposes only. Students are strongly urged to consult their individual program requirements and their academic advisors. Please note that Introductory Seminars* and Study Skills courses are excluded from the list below.

ACC ACC104, ACC204 ACC: ACC104 not applicable
ARC ARC216  
ART All courses except ART 140,
145, 153, 154, 242
ASL ASL101, ASL102  
AST All courses  
BHS All courses  
BIO All courses except BIO 001,
003, 030
LAX: BIO103, BIO104, BIO115, BIO130, BIO131, BIO132, BIO212 not applicable
NUR:BIO 117 not applicable
BUS BUS102, BUS103, BUS104, BUS109, BUS110, BUS111, BUS112, BUS162, BUS 215, BUS 216, BUS 254 CPS and LAM: BUS102, BUS103 not applicable
CHE All courses CPS, ENR, LAM, LAX: CHE111, CHE112 not applicable
CIS CIS107, CIS108, CIS111, CIS112, CIS113 CPS or LAM: CIS107, CIS108, CIS111, CIS112, CIS113 not applicable
CLP CLP101  
COM COM101, COM110, COM140,
COM220, COM243, COM246
CPS CPS141  
CRJ CRJ141  
DAN All courses  
ECO All courses BAT: ECO105 not applicable
ENG All courses except ENG 001,
002, 091, 092, 095, 096
BAT, EDC, LAH, LAX: ENG211 not applicable
ENR ENR101, ENR207 CPS, ENR, LAM: ENR101, ENR207 not applicable
ESW All courses  
FRE All courses  
GEO All courses  
GER All courses  
GLG All courses  
GOV All courses  
HED All courses NUR: HED134, HED203, HED224 not applicable
HIS All courses except HIS004  
HUM All courses  
INT INT801  
ITL All courses  
MAT All courses except MAT 091,
107, 125, 128, 129, 131, 132
• ACC, BAT, BUS, CIS: MAT125 IS applicable
• ARC, ELT: MAT109 not applicable
• CPS, ENR, LAM, LAX: MAT109, MAT110, MAT184 not applicable
• EDC, EDE: MAT 107 IS applicable
• ENR, LAM: MAT 185 not applicable
MSO All courses NUR: MSO102 not applicable
MUS All courses   
PED All courses  
PHI All courses  
PHS All courses ELT, ENR, LAM, LAX: PHS101 not applicable
PHY All courses except PHY141 ENR: PHY121, PHY122 not applicable
PSY All courses  
REA REA100, REA103, REA105  
SPA All courses   
SPE All courses  
THE All courses except THE120  

*Introductory Seminars: Students may only apply one Introductory Seminar course toward graduation requirements. Introductory Seminar courses taken in one program may be applied to graduation requirements for another program except in the case of the NUR and ECH programs. The grade for an Introductory Seminar course applied across programs will be included in the student’s CPA.