Civil Service Staff

Deborah Ackerman, Behavioral Sciences

Jon Alessandrello, HVAC/Electrical

Marcia Ali, Physical Plant

Karen Anson, Student Services

Michael Arzillo, Information Systems

Mike Avezzano, Grounds

Jeannette Bagnasco, Housekeeping

Jeffrey Baker, Telecommunications and
Instructional Media

Susan Barlanti, Nursing Department

John Biedinger, Building Maintenance

Cheryl Billings, Library

Angelina Bissessar, Registrar’s Office

Deborah Blades, Counseling and Career Services

Ivana Boland, Admissions

Gladys Boone, Scheduling

Thomas Bouton, Information Services

Daniel Bradford, Telecommunications
and Instuctional Media

Marie Braig, Mailroom

Jason Brainard, Scheduling

James Brazee, Information Systems

Maureen Byrum, Business Department

Willie Calhoun, Housekeeping

Anna Carbone, Housekeeping

Marc Cardinale, Registrar’s Office

SueKay Case, Admissions

Kent Chiavaroli, Housekeeping

Marsha Clemmons, Financial Aid

Bobette Collins, Registrar’s Office

Raymond Conklin, Business

Anthony Corrado, HVAC/Electrical

Kenneth Coyle, Grounds

Christine Craig, Library

Cristina Crawford, Administration

Eileen Cultrera, Academic Services and

Daphne Demps-Claire, Student

Luke DerBoghossian, HVAC/Electrical

Scott Derby, Information Systems

Grace Diaz, Community Services and
Special Programs

Lisa Dieffenthaller, Information Systems

Stephen Doland, Allied Health and
Biological Sciences

Kathleen Dorney, Physical Plant

Daniel Downey, HVAC/Electrical

Thomas Duffy, Business Office

Catherine Duncan, Housekeeping

John Duncan, Grounds

John Ellison, Allied Health and
Biological Sciences

Margaret Ellmore, Registrar’s Office

Eileen Fasano, Financial Aid

Carl Firlings, Grounds

Zachery Fischer, Telecommunications
and Instructional Media

Laura Fitzmaurice, Registrar’s Office

Nancy Fitzpatrick, Community Services
and Special Programs

Yvonne Flowers, Business Office

Adrianna Frazier, Registrar’s Office

Mary Gabel, Human Resources

Tyrone Gadsden, Housekeeping

Nancy Geer, Academic Services
and Testing Office

Doris Geigel, Housekeeping

Bonnie Goodrich, Community Services
and Special Programs

Blanche Gordon, Mathematics, Physical
and Computer Sciences

Edwina Gray, Writing Center

Francine Green, Counseling and Career Services

Alexander Harrison, Safety and Security

Albert Harvey, Business Office

Harold Hathaway, Housekeeping

James Helion, Housekeeping

Tyrone Hill, Housekeeping

Betsy Hoffman, Student Services

Dolores Hoover, Human Resources

Kristine Horend, DCC South

William Houghtaling, Receiving and

William Hughes, Jr., Housekeeping

William E. Hughes, Housekeeping

Mariel Izquierdo, Housekeeping

Darren Jackson, Mailroom

Beverly Juchem, Housekeeping

Richard Kaputa, Safety and Security

Joanne Kase, Student Accounts

Brenda Keller, Health Office

Barbara King, Admissions

Maryanne Kinsella, Institutional
Research, Planning, and Assessment

Edward Kogut, Physical Plant

Janet Kolarik, Switchboard

Barbara Korey, Library

Margaret Koriniskie, DCC South

Norman Krueger, Building Maintenance

John Kuklis, Housekeeping

April Leszczynski, DCC South

Alec Levinson, Housekeeping

Lori Liano, Business Office

Brett Lipton, Safety and Security

Dawn Lopez, Library

Elvis Lopez, Housekeeping

Douglas Lyke, Telecommunications and
Instructional Media

James MacBrien, Health, Physical

Education, Athletics, and Dance

Susan MacEntee, Housekeeping

Maureen Mackey, Information Systems

Carlos Madrigal, Housekeeping

Brendan Manwaring, Housekeeping

Cheryl Mayfield, Payroll

Christine McCarthy-Pagano, Physical

Rory McEntyre, Allied Health and
Biological Sciences

Ron McKeon, HVAC/Electrical

Cheryl Medeiros, Community Services
and Special Programs

Katherine Merry, Library

Richard Merry, Building Maintenance

Alexander Mersand, Housekeeping

Lorraine Messina, Information Systems

David Meyer, Building Maintenance

Ryan Miceli, Telecommunications and
Instructional Media

Daniel Milanese, Telecommunications
and Instructional Media

Allison Miller, Scheduling

Debra Miller, Health, Physical Education,
Athletics and Dance

Solita Moran-Frye, Communications
and Public Relations

Barbara Mosher, Community Services and Special Programs

M. Margaret Narvaez-Cooper,
Community Services and Special Programs

Paul Neal, Building Maintenance

Joan Nesel, Business Office

Kathleen Nigro, Library

Gail O’Neil, Admissions

Mark Orton, Building Maintenance

Pamela Osterhoudt, Health Office

Jenni Oyler, Mathematics, Physical and
Computer Sciences

Matthew Palmatier, Receiving and

Anthony Pane, Grounds

Vasilious Papanicolaou, HVAC/Electrical

Terriann Texiera Paravati, Switchboard

Lynette Patrice, Community Services
and Special Programs

David Patterson, Housekeeping

Danielle Perrin, DCC South

Deborah Pettyjohn, Library

Russell Pignatello, Building Maintenance

James Plass, Grounds

Loretta Polhill, DCC South

Deborah Priest, Registrar’s Office

Vincent Prinzivalli, Mailroom

Pierina Provenzano, Academic Affairs

Mary Ramaglia, Institutional Research,
Planning, and Assessment

AnnMarie Rambo, Mathematics,
Physical and Computer Sciences

Dawn Reardon, Student Accounts
Richard Redder, Telecommunications and
Instructional Media

Anne Reed, Housekeeping

Christopher Reilly, Grounds

Leslie Riley, Health, Physical
Education, Athletics and Dance

Karen Roach, Admissions

Michele Romano, DCC Foundation

Doreen Roome, Counseling and
Career Services

Nicole Royster, Financial Aid

Linda Rutherford, Student Activities

Carol Sappe, Business Office

Samantha Sarvanidis, Financial Aid

Debbie Scardaci, Academic Services and

Laura Scardaci, Purchasing

Teresa Schaab, Housekeeping

Kristy Schmauch, Registrar’s Office

Steve Schmitz, Information Systems

Maryanne Sheehan, Student Accounts

Michael Sheehan, Receiving and

Brent Smith, Building Maintenance

Kelly Smith‑Wajda, Human Resources

Michael Soltish, Information Systems

Gregory Starzyk, Building Maintenance

Alyson Stewart, Allied Health and
Biological Sciences

Michele Stinson, Student Accounts

Rebecca Strauss, Performing, Visual Arts
and Communications

Mary Taylor, Business Office

Ricky Thomas, Housekeeping

Cathy Thomas-Charles, Housekeeping

Jessie Thorpe, Housekeeping

Andrea Townsend, History, Government
and Economics

Dawn Vaeth, Payroll

Cheryl Verdile, Student Accounts

Rita Vitulli, English and Humanities

Marie Vivirito, Performing, Visual Arts,
and Communications

Wayne Vrooman, Allied Health and
Biological Sciences

Loretta Walicki, Switchboard

Carol Walker, Community Services and
Special Programs

Ryan Weaver, Grounds

Horace West, Housekeeping

Wayne Whitney, HVAC/Electrical

Manrique Wilder, Telecommunications
and Instructional Media

David Williams, Housekeeping

Clifford Young, Housekeeping