Early Childhood/Childhood Education Dual Certification with SUNY New Paltz

This program, jointly registered with SUNY New Paltz, is designed to facilitate the transfer of students to that college in order to prepare to become NYS certified teachers. Successful students upon completion of their B.S. degree from New Paltz
will receive a teaching certificate for Birth through Grade 2 and a teaching
certificate for Grades 1 - 6.

Students who receive their A.S. degree in this program at DCC will be eligible to be admitted to SUNY New Paltz based on a formula which will include:

• A minimum GPA of 2.75
• A grade of "B" or better in ENG 101 and ENG 102
• Completion of all DCC program requirements
• A grade of B- or better in EED 115, EED 116, ECH 214, EED 207,

ECH 254

• A writing sample to be completed at SUNY New Paltz prior to acceptance

Students must select an academic major in one of the following subjects: art history, biology, earth science, English, French, history, Spanish, mathematics or political science. A minimum of two courses in the academic major must be completed at DCC. Students must seek advisement concerning which courses in their academic major are transferable to New Paltz.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will demonstrate:

  • an ability to observe, document and assess development
  • an ability to design developmentally appropriate learning experiences for young children in a variety of curricular areas
  • an ability to recognize and plan for diversity within early childhood and childhood classrooms

Note: This program is designed for students who plan to transfer to SUNY New Paltz’s "Early Childhood (Birth - Grade 2) and Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Dual Certification" program. Students wishing to transfer to an education program other than New Paltz should discuss their plans with a Transfer Counselor in the Counseling and Career Services Office (SSB 301 or 431-8040).

The Associate in Science (A.S.) degree is awarded upon completion of the requirements for this program.

First Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ENG 101 Composition I 3
PSY 111 Psychologial Principles I 3
BHS 103 Social Problems in Today's World 3
THE 120 Performing Skills for the Classroom 3
MAT 107-010 Math for Elementary Teachers 3
EED 100 Elementary Education Introductory Seminar 1
TOTAL   16

Second Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ENG 102 Composition II 3
MAT 117 Geometry for Elementary Teachers 3
Science (b)   4
PSY 221 OR Child Development OR 3
PSY 203 Developmental Psychology  
EED 115 Symbolic Representation, Language and
Literacy (B-K)
EED 116 EED Fieldwork II (c) 1
TOTAL   17

Third Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ECH 214 Developmentally Appropriate Practice (B-2) 3
EED 207 EED Fieldwork II (c) 1
Academic Concentration (d) 3-4
Other World Civilizations (e) 3
Foreign Language (a) 3
HIS 104 or GOV 121 3
TOTAL   16-17

Fourth Semester

Course No. Descriptive Title Credit Hours
ECH 254 Diverse Early Childhood/Elementary
Western Civilization (f) 3
Academic Concentration (d) 3
BHS 207 Education in American Society 3
WFE 101 Lifetime Wellness and Fitness 3
Free Elective (g)   3-4
TOTAL   18-19


Students enrolled in EED 116 and EED 207 are required to submit a completed physical examination form to the Health Office.

a) Foreign language instructors should be consulted for assistance in selecting the appropriate course for individuals with previous foreign language study.

b) Students planning an academic major in science at New Paltz should start their sequence in biology or earth science. Other students may take an applicable four credit (laboratory science) see the General Education, Appendix B course listing.

c) Transportation to and from fieldwork sites is the responsibility of the student.

d) The baccalaureate degree in the Dual Certification Program at SUNY New Paltz requires a minimum of 30 credit hours in an academic major. Students should plan their individual programs in order to have 6-9 credits toward their major at New Paltz (English, French, Spanish, history, art history, mathematics, biology, earth science, political science) when they complete the associate degree. It is essential that students consult their advisor when selecting elective courses for their academic major.

e) Other World Civilization courses: Select a course from SUNY General Education Requirements Appendix F. Western Civilization courses: Select a course from SUNY General Education Requirements Appendix E. It is strongly suggested that students select a free elective which will transfer to New Paltz such as a course in their academic major or a second foreign language.

EED-Upper Division courses at New Paltz

Fifth Semester

Course   Credit Hours
Physical Geography 3
EED 375 Reading I (UD/WI) 3
EED 301 Fieldwork I (40 hours) (UD) pre-K-2 1
Major course (UD) 3
Major course (UD) 3-4
Curriculum II (Pre-K-K) (UD) 3
TOTAL   16-17

Sixth Semester

Course   Credit Hours
EED 380 CMST 6
EED 302 Fieldwork 2 (20 hours) Grade 1-6 1
Major course (UD) 3
Major course (UD) 3
Creating Incl. Classrooms (UD) 3
Foreign Language II 3
TOTAL   19

Seventh Semester

Course   Credit Hours
EED 376  Reading/ELA Methods 3
EED 379  Social Studies Methods 3
EED 303  Fieldwork 3 (60 hours) (UD) Grade 3-6 1
Major course (UD) 3
Major course (UD) 3
Major course (UD) 3
TOTAL   16

Eighth Semester

Course   Credit Hours
EED 404/405  Student Teaching (UD)  
One placement Gr. Pre-K-2 12
EED 406   Student Teaching Seminar Grade 3-6 1
Major course (UD) 3
TOTAL   16

UD = Upper Division