The History of the DCC Foundation

The DCC Foundation was incorporated on April 11, 1975, during the tenure of the College's second president, Dr. John Connolly. In 1992, the Foundation became a 501.c.3. corporation. During that period, there was no paid staff and only a few directors. Today, the Foundation is guided by a 33 member board.

In 1992 the Foundation began a fifteen-year period of sustained growth. In 1992, assets totaled $280,069. By 2007, assets had grown to more than $5 million. This growth has allowed the College to provide scholarships and grants in excess of $300,000 each year. From 2001-2008, more than $1.9 million has been distributed in scholarships and grants.

In addition to scholarships, the Foundation annually provides grants of approximately $50,000 to support special programs. The faculty mini-grant program provides small grants to faculty in support of projects related to academic programs.

The Dutchess Community College Foundation has become an integral part of the College's drive to maintain excellence and to improve the educational experience for present and future students.