Faculty Information

Courses offered in the high schools are generally 100 level courses listed in the current College Catalog. The instructor must follow the College’s Extended Course Outline and is responsible for ensuring that the course meets the college learning objectives for that course. The textbooks used in the course must be the same textbooks used by faculty at other DCC locations or approved by the DCC department head or department high school supervisor.

Candidates for adjunct instructors in the high schools are reviewed and selected in the same manner as adjuncts teaching at other college locations. Faculty designated to teach College Connection courses in the high schools must meet departmental qualifications in order to be approved to teach. Generally, an applicant must have an earned a master’s degree either in the specific discipline and/or a master’s and sufficient credits in the teaching area. Teaching experience, as well as work experience, shall also be considered.

For more information about teaching a College Connection course in your high school contact:

Colleen Trogisch
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
(845) 235-8966

Review the College Connection Adjunct Handbook