Joseph Meehan b. 1940

Hired as a full-time instructor at Dutchess in 1968, Joseph Meehan retired from the College in 1989 as a full Professor. During his 21 years at the College he taught in several departments eventually ending his career teaching photography and photo-related courses.

Joseph Meehan is presently the Senior Technical Editor of Photo District News, the premier magazine in the world for commercial and advertising photographers. Hundreds of his pictures have been published in editorial and advertising publications internationally. His specialty is panoramic photography with a style that has been described by the New York Times as: “. . . alive with color and sparkling with light!”

He has written over 500 articles and columns on photography and photographic techniques which have appeared in such magazines as Popular Photography, Photographic Magazine, Outdoor Photography, View Camera Magazine, and Camera and Darkroom. He also served as an editor with the British Journal of Photography and contributor to its annual, The BJP Yearbook, London. Meehan has also published 15 books on photographic technique, several of which are considered standard references on these topics and have gone through multiple editions in several languages. His book, Panoramic Photography, was the first ever written on this topic.

In 1995, he became the first American to serve as editor of the Photography Yearbook which has been published in Great Britain since 1935 and is considered the most comprehensive photography annual published today.