Engineering, Architecture & Computer Technologies (ENACT)


The ENACT department offers instruction in the areas of engineering, architecture, construction management and computer information systems through lecture, laboratory, and simulation. We provide our students with a strong base either for transfer to a four-year college or university or for entry into the workforce upon graduation. The ENACT department's goals are to provide transfer opportunities for our students and to prepare them for careers in allied engineering, architectural and computer fields.

In meeting our goals, we provide students with essential career information and expose them to ideas which broaden their horizons. By maintaining high academic and intellectual standards, we demonstrate a commitment to the democratic ideal of the community college and its opportunities for social mobility. The Engineering, Architecture and Computer Technologies Department takes pride in maintaining high standards of personal and professional integrity for both full-time and adjunct staff.

Programs are structured to provide students with the maximum opportunity to learn state-of-the-art information in the specific area of study.