Academic Support Services at DCC

Academic Services and Testing

The mission of the Office of Academic Services and Testing (AS&T) is “to support students in pursuit of their academic goals by providing programs and services that enable students to realize their individual potential.” Located in Hudson Hall, Room 315, AS&T provides programs and services designed to help students prepare, enhance and achieve in their college courses. Three key components of the Office of Academic Services and Testing are placement testing services, tutorial services in the Student Academic Success Center and academic support programs and workshops designed to prepare students for success in college.

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) plays a central role in tutorial support at DCC. The tutoring program is staffed by peer and professional tutors. Tutoring is free for all currently enrolled students. Individual and drop-in sessions are available according to student need or preference. Peer study groups are available for targeted courses at the request of faculty members or students. Other services include college level learning strategies assistance and academic success events. At DCC South, students will find these services replicated to meet their needs.

Academic Services’ college readiness programs provide access to higher education to students who will benefit from additional preparation for college-level course work.

SmartStart is an intensive summer program designed to ensure a more seamless transition from high school or work life to college. Offered at no charge to the student, SmartStart is fun, rewarding, nationally recognized for excellence and has proven to accelerate progress toward degree completion. After four weeks of instructions in writing, reading and mathematics students are eligible to retake the placement test, with the opportunity to improve course placement. Additionally, qualifying SmartStart students can participate in the Bridges to Excellence (B2E) program. This unique opportunity offers students seamless acceptance to Marist College after graduating Dutchess Community College in two years. B2E students receive the academic and personal support necessary to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years.

FOCUS, a semester-based program, improves students’ academic skills, fosters personal development and creates a supportive learning community that promotes success in both college and life.

Reclaim My Math is a math review program designed for students placing into credit equivalent math courses or for students who would like to review their skills before beginning a college math class. This 28 hour program combines instructor assistance with computer assisted instruction and provides the potential for students to improve course placement and math confidence. Cost is $20. Sections are offered throughout the year.

Refresh provides incoming students, who have taken the placement test, an opportunity to review writing, reading and/or math skills using an Internet-based instruction. Registration is $20 for 6 weeks access. Students gain the opportunity to improve course placement through retesting after completing a designated number of hours.

For further information, please contact the Office of Academic Services and Testing at (845) 431-8090.

DCC Help Desk

The DCC Help Desk provides a single point of contact for campus technology support. Please contact the Help Desk for any and all technology related issues.

The DCC Help Desk is located in CBI 130. Normal hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 8 am. To 5pm. Call (845) 431-8000 ext. HELP (4357). The DCC Help Desk website is accessible through the myDCC college web portal.


MyDCC is the college web portal. It provides online access to library databases, campus e-mail, student grades and student schedules. Online registration and online learning systems also are accessible through myDCC. MyDCC is the place to find out about activities on campus, important dates and class cancellations.

The Math & Science Center

The Math & Science Center, in Washington Center rooms 224 and 226, is a place for students to work on math or science related homework and projects. There are tables for students to work in groups, on their own or one-on-one with a peer or professional tutor, as well as a room of fully networked computers with two printers and a scanner.

No appointment is needed to use the Center. Students may drop in when it’s convenient, and work on their own or ask one of the many available tutors for help. Tutors can help with math, physics, chemistry or computer science courses. The role of tutors is to guide students through the process of problem solving and to explain the concepts and techniques with which the student is having difficulty.

The computers in the Math & Science Center are equipped with the necessary tools for students working on math and science assignments and projects, including interactive computer tutorials for some classes. Textbooks and calculators are available for use while in the Center, and a limited supply of calculators may be taken out for quizzes and tests.

For more information, visit www.sunydutchess.edu/mathcenter, or call (845) 431-8538.

The Francis U. and Mary F. Ritz Library

Located on the second and third floors of Hudson Hall, the DCC Library is a vital educational resource center providing outstanding service to the College community. Collections consist of books, media, and subscriptions to electronic resources including academic journals, electronic books, streaming media, newspapers, and magazines supporting the curriculum. Electronic resources are accessible from any computer on both campuses, as well as off-campus.

DCC’s knowledgeable reference staff provide assistance locating, analyzing and applying information. DCC students and faculty have reciprocal access to other SUNY libraries through the SUNY Open Access program. We offer quick and efficient interlibrary loan service allowing our students to borrow from other libraries and we offer purchase on demand service to students through our e-reader loan program. Faculty may take advantage of our information literacy sessions by inviting librarians into the classroom for general library orientations, Internet searching strategies, or assistance with specific assignments. The Library creates online research guides to help students choose appropriate resources within a particular class or discipline. We have guides supporting every program at DCC. We can help students download mobile library applications so they can continue to explore academic resources while on the go.

The library maintains hours to coordinate with the College’s academic schedule, including weekends and intercession, and is closed on official College holidays. To facilitate access to a librarian, students are welcome to use our chat service, AskUs 24/7, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For further information on library services, please call 845.431.8630, or check online at my.sunydutchess.edu and click on the library link.

The Writing Center

Located in Hudson Hall, Room 503, the College Writing Center is home to tutoring services and a full computer lab. The Center offers a friendly, informal atmosphere where students work one-on-one with professional and peer tutors on any writing assignment or task. Students visit during various stages of their writing process to clarify assignments, brainstorm, outline, review rough drafts, plan revisions, or consider final editing. In addition, the Center provides a resource library of reference books and handouts, files of sample student essays from various courses, a space for readings and other special events like “Write All Night,” and a quiet place to write. Online tutoring is available through the Writing Center’s website. Throughout the semester, the Writing Center conducts workshops for students on various topics, such as writing scholarship and college application essays, writing research papers and MLA/APA formatting guidelines, and using applications and technology aids to support collaborative projects and peer review. Also, the Center’s professionals assist College educators with their writing assignments and classroom writing activities.

The Center’s computer lab offers computers, printers, a scanner, a variety of word processing programs, course‑related software, and Internet access for research purposes. A teaching lab assistant and student aides orient students to computer operations and demonstrate programs for word processing, spreadsheets and computer‑based research. For more information about the Writing Center, visit www.sunydutchess.edu/writingcenter or call (845) 431-8095.

Online Tutoring

On myDCC/Blackboard you’ll find NetTutor, a free online service that connects students to professional tutors in a variety of subjects, including writing, world languages, economics and more. Tutors are available evenings and weekends, with select subjects available 24/7.

The Dr. Mary Louis Van Winkle Teaching Learning Center

The TLC serves to promote active teaching and learning by making current instructional technologies available and accessible to the faculty and professional staff at Dutchess Community College. The TLC provides a resource and support center where faculty and professional staff can obtain technical assistance and training on the use of various technologies that can enhance, augment, organize and manage online and on-campus course content. Training and materials to support faculty use of administrative educational software also is provided. The Dr. Mary Louise Van Winkle Teaching Learning Center is located on the lower level of the Francis U. and Mary F. Ritz Library in Hudson Hall.