Writing Contest

Every year the Writing Center sponsors a writing contest for DCC students. Fifty-dollar prizes for winners are funded by the Student Government Association. Below are guidelines for students who would like to enter the contest.

  1. Any DCC student may submit one work in any/all of seven categories:

    Works that have been written to fulfill course requirements are welcome. There are no limitations on subject matter.

    • fiction; poetry; creative non-fiction (fact-based writing that encompasses memoir, biography, travel/science/nature literature, and the personal essay)
    • academic writing (critical analysis, documented essay,)
    • screenplay; and play script
    • math and science writing (analyses, lab reports, reviews)

  2. Fiction, creative non-fiction, academic, and math/science submissions should be no longer than ten pages. Poetry submissions should be comprised of three to five poems (there are no page limits). Short plays should have an approximate playing time of ten minutes; a ten-minute section of a longer script can be submitted along with a one-paragraph synopsis of the full work. Screenplays (feature or documentary) should be a minimum ten pages. Double spacing is preferred; please keep a copy for yourself.

  3. Click here for the submission form to include with your manuscript in an e-mail to the Writing Center at writingcenter@sunydutchess.edu    

    The manuscript file must be in a Microsoft Word or .txt format. Do not include identifying information on your manuscript pages.

    ***Electronic submissions are highly encouraged, although paper copies will be accepted in the Writing Center.

  4. Deadline for 2016-2017 submissions to be announced, but entries may be submitted throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please come to the Writing Center and ask.

  5. Fourteen winners will be chosen from the seven categories. However, judges reserve the right not to award prizes in a category. The DCC Student Government Association funds all awards.

  6. Submissions will be judged by faculty from the Departments of English and Humanities; Performing, Visual Arts and Communications; Allied Health and Biological Sciences; and Mathematics, Physical and Computer Sciences.

    Students are encouraged to visit the Writing Center to work on submissions.

    If you have further questions, please talk to the Writing Center staff.

  • Poetry submissions will be judged for their inventive use of language, control of form, and originality of image and metaphor.
  • Creative Non-fiction entries will be judged on their ability to blend factual truth with literary techniques.
  • Fiction entries will be evaluated on originality of language and on their success in creating a fully imagined fictional world.
  • Academic Writing submissions, such as critical analysis, documented essay, and scientific essays, will be judged on quality of form and content.
  • Screenplays, written in screenplay format, should offer original, well-structured stories. Good character development and believable dialogue are key elements. Successful scripts will evoke strong visual images.
  • Play Scripts should offer original, creative, believable, interesting, and playable characters; plot; theme; and setting, including a strong conflict and resolution.
  • Math and Science submissions will be judged on the clarity of expression, the quality of research, and, where appropriate, fidelity to scientific method.

The Writing Center would like to thank all those students who entered our 2015-16 writing contest, also sponsored by the Student Government Association. We are pleased to announce $50 awards to the following students. Click on the highlighted titles to read their works:

Academic A Clockwork Orange Zach Britton
Academic The Optimist: Zoe Keating vs. The Man Andrea Bialosuknia
Fiction End Sarah Gajdos
Fiction The Sound of Stars Mackenzie McTeer
Non-Fiction Inside A Matchbox Andrea Bialosuknia
Non-Fiction Alone Paul Christian
Non-Fiction Sweet Memories Nathalie Thangiah
Math and Science Logistic Model of Fish Population Paul Christian
Math and Science AC Circuits Technical Report Thomas Palombo
Play Me, Myself and Why Luis Jordan
Play Can't You Be Straight With Me? Jessica Suphan
Poetry Thrift Shop Andromeda Small
Poetry Compulsive Jessica Lisella
Poetry Home Is Dorothy Bradshaw

 Awards Ceremony - Spring 2016

Writing Center Awards 2016