Tutor Training Course

English 218:  Advanced Composition/Peer Tutoring in Writing--the training course for students recommended to be writing tutors


Course Outline

The student-tutors in the Writing Center take ENG 218, an intensive course that prepares them for their work with other students. It is also a second level writing course that benefits students who transfer to schools with challenging writing requirements.

  • Recommended students must have done well in their composition courses and be recommended by a faculty member.
  • Students in the course are always writing—essays, revisions of essays, critiques, journals, case studies—and receive detailed feedback on their work from fellow students and the instructor.
  • At the same time, they look closely at issues in tutoring and learning, using their experiences in the Writing Center as the basis for discussion.

The small size and seminar format of the class allow students to explore a range of topics related to tutoring:

  • the writer’s dialogue with the other "self"
  • strategies for invention and increasing fluency
  • common sense approaches to grammar
  • rhetorical and stylistic choices
  • the challenges of revision
  • issues of language and non-verbal communication for ESL students
  • responding to analyses of literature
  • learning theory and learning styles
  • working with students with learning challenges
  • counseling aspects of tutoring
  • the role of electronic resources in tutoring
  • and others

Usually students have opportunities to attend regional or national conferences on tutoring in writing.

Qualified students who are interested in a challenging, exciting learning experience may talk with one of their instructors about registering for the ENG 218 class. Permission of the instructor, Brenda Squires, is necessary, and students must complete the composition sequence of ENG 101 and ENG 102 with a grade average of "B" or better. The lab requirement of the four-credit course requires two hours per week tutoring in the Writing Center.