Tutors and Staff


a.k.a. our TRs (trusted readers)

Hi everyone! I'm  Andrea Bialosuknia , an LAH major here at DCC. As a part-time student who's been here for a few years, I'm really excited to continue tutoring in the WC. When I'm not here, I can be found consuming various forms of media, attempting to cook, hiking, reading and writing (shocker), shouting about television, and trying to learn new things. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and it means a lot to be able to work with other students and help them become more comfortable with their voices as writers. Everyone’s got something worth saying; working in the Writing Center, it’s just rewarding to have a part in that process.

Hello, my name is Robert Bouffard, and I am a General Studies major in my third semester at DCC. My aim is to transfer to a four-year school after graduating at the end of the spring semester. After I transfer, I plan to be a Bible major. Some things that I enjoy are playing and watching sports (rooting for the New England teams), watching movies, reading (my favorite genres are fiction and theology), and writing. I am looking forward to getting into the Writing Center as a Trusted Reader so that we can together to expand our writing skills.

Hello everyone, my name is Paul Christian , and I am starting my fifth semester this fall. I am currently in the Engineering program, and planning to transfer and finish a four-year degree, most likely at New Paltz. I moved here to New York last fall, and I really like it so far. Outside of class I enjoy traveling (new places especially), reading and scuba diving. I am really looking forward to seeing you all in the Writing Center. As a non-traditional student, I will take an extra year to finish up here at Dutchess, so hopefully I will have plenty of time to spend in the Writing Center, getting to know all of you - thanks!

Hello! My name is Victoria Critton and I am currently working toward obtaining my degree in human services at Dutchess, with a focus on psychology. My first session at the Writing Center was during the spring 2015 college semester. The reason for my visit was originally due to a professor I’d had. The professor offered extra credit to any students in the class who chose to have their papers reviewed by a Writing Center tutor. I LOVE extra credit so I didn't hesitate to break down the Center's door in order to attain it. By the end of that semester, consistently reviewing and improving my papers, by working one-on-one with the tutors there, led to straight As and a sizable scholarship. In addition to this, once the tutor staff became used to me breaking down the door, it led to an incredible chance to become a peer tutor. I am motivated to assist my fellow students, as much as I have been assisted, through the remarkable opportunity of joining the Writing Center team!

Hey there, I’m Lauren Croke . I am a General Studies major, which means I’ve gotten the opportunity to explore a lot of different types of classes in my two years at DCC. I love writing, but what I am truly passionate about is reading: I work in a library and aim to get my master’s degree in Library Information & Science. I will be graduating in January, so I’m super excited to make the most of my last semester here as a Trusted Reader… See you in the Writing Center!

Hey everyone. I am Diana Cruz , a Liberal Arts and Humanities major. I planning on transferring soon and majoring in political science. Beside school, I enjoy visiting art galleries, watching documentaries, and reading large books. I look forward to collaborating with you on your writing assignments.

Hello! I am Lizzie Hill , and this is my third semester at DCC. I am an elementary education major with an English concentration. I have been an avid reader since I can remember, and I read The Lord of the Rings every year. I am a total Middle Earth fanatic! I also enjoy playing with my dog and two ferrets, spending time outside, playing my guitar, and hanging out with the three-year-old I nanny. I am so thrilled to join the TRs in the Writing Center because I love reading and writing as well as working with others, and I can’t wait to start this semester off with a bang!

Hi, my name is Sarah Hoffman and this is my fourth semester here at DCC. I'm a liberal arts and humanities major and hope to transfer to a four year school. In my spare time I enjoy baking, DIY-ing, and curling up on the couch for a good movie! This semester will be my first tutoring in the Writing Center, and I'm quite excited about it. The art of communicating ideas, both through the written and spoken word, has always interested me. I am looking forward working with my fellow students in the Writing Center to improve our writing skills together.


Hi, I’m Wendi Huff , and I am excited to begin working in the Writing Center this semester! I am a part-time student at DCC and plan to major in geography. In my spare time, I love to hike, garden, volunteer, and read nature books. My heroes are Rachel Carson and Wangari Maathai. As a mother, I understand the challenge of balancing college, work, and family. I always use a trusted reader to help me think about ideas to add to my own papers and I look forward to doing the same for you. So, come see me in Hudson 503! 


Born in Chile and raised in both Chile and Argentina to an American mother and Swiss father, Rebekah Jungen (21) has been exposed to many languages and cultures from a very young age. She has traveled to thirteen countries and speaks fluent Spanish and English (hopes to master German in the near future). After being homeschooled for the whole length of high school (graduated in 2011), Rebekah decided to take two sabbatical years to dance and tour with “Heartbridge” Company (2012) based off of Kona, Hawaii and the following year joined the “JBH Musical” based off of Tampa, Florida. It was throughout these two years of constant touring and dancing that she began journaling in order to cope and process the unfamiliar places, foods, and lifestyles that surprised and disoriented her after every airplane ride. Currently she is a Performing Arts major completing her third semester at DCC. She wishes to further her studies in Dance, Choreography and English in order to learn more about these specific fields and eventually teach. She is also very interested in health and fitness and tries to encourage others to pursue a healthy lifestyle while at the same time living it out herself.


Greetings, dearest public of the Writing Center! My name is Eric King. I am an adolescent education in literature major, entering into my fourth semester at DCC. Although they were not my forte during my grade school years, both writing and education are among my greatest passions. Many of my greatest inspirations came from the pages of creative literature. One could say that I learned more from writers like Dumas, Stevenson, and Tolkien than I did from any of my previous teachers. Writing allows us to give emotion, ethics, ideals, dreams, and information a physical manifestation that will endure even beyond the memory of individuals and culture. It can grant us a window into the past, clarity in the present, and foresight for the future. I aspire both to be a novelist who creates worlds of his own and a teacher who reveals how much we can derive from all aspects of life. Life is what we make of it, and as students it is on us to work towards becoming more than what we are. I am very excited to begin working in the Writing Center and help you accomplish your own endeavors here at DCC.

Hi, everyone! My name is Lia Martin, and I am an adolescent education major with a concentration in English and literature. I am starting my third semester here at Dutchess Community College and I have learned so much from my experiences here. One wonderful aspect of this college that I discovered was the Writing Center. With its wonderful staff and convenient access, I visited the Writing Center almost every day for my entire first year at the college. I absolutely adore reading and consider it my most favorite hobby, but I also have fallen in love with writing as well. On my spare time, I write poetry and journal entries. I cannot wait to be a part of the Writing Center family as well as a Trusted Reader for my fellow peers at Dutchess Community College. I hope that everyone has a wonderful academic year ahead of them!


Hello Falcons!  I'm Lauren McNamara and this is my third semester here at DCC. I'm currently an LAH major but when I transfer, I aspire to double major in theology and youth ministry. During my free time, my hobbies include singing, acting, hanging with friends, running, playing ultimate Frisbee, growing more in my Catholic faith, attending retreats, leadership conferences, and all that good stuff! I love helping people. Can't wait to learn all about you guys and I aspire to help you all become amazing writers! Can't wait to learn how to be a better writer myself, and that wouldn't be possible without you guys! If you happen to see me on campus, feel free to say hi! I love meeting new people and after all, we are in this new year together! Peace!


Hi there! My name is Melissa Morris and this will be my fourth semester here at DCC and my second semester working as a tutor. I'm a nursing student, member of the Army National Guard with a tour overseas under my belt, and I'm passionate about all sorts of things. I look forward to devoting all the skills I've learned in the classroom environment and beyond to better serve each and every student that comes to the Writing Center, whether it be brainstorming, critical thinking, or even venting about a tough essay in a relaxed environment. I'm open minded and a great listener! I know that talking directly to a professor can sometimes be a little intimidating, so I encourage all students to give us a shot and let's work together to see your writing goals come to fruition.


Hello everyone! My name is Tennille Savage , a proud Jamaican, and this is my third semester in the BAT program here at DCC. My experiences at the college have been phenomenal because of the opportunity that they provided for me to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Also, working in the Writing Center is another avenue for me to meet new people, and share our experiences from around the world. So come join me in the Writing Center! I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!

Hi, my name is Jill Shavkin . I was a student here at Dutchess in the early 90s but never finished.  Four years ago, I decided it was about time to finally get my associate degree!  It was one of the best decisions I've made. Dutchess is an even better college than I remember. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend full-time because I need to work full-time. I am having the time of my life taking just one or two courses a semester and serving as a trusted reader in the Writing Center!  


Hello, my name is Eric Tomik . I am a business administration major with aspirations to transfer to a four-year school. This is my second semester at Dutchess, and my first semester as a tutor for DCC. I also serve as a Volunteer Tutor for the Children's Home in Poughkeepsie. Outside of school, I like to stay active in the community. I am a volunteer on the Board Committee for Dutchess Outreach, and I help assist the community luncheon for the Westminster Presbyterian Church. I enjoy helping others achieve and succeed, and I look forward to spending this semester helping you!

Hello everyone, my name is Brianna Valentin, and I am looking forward to tutoring you in the Writing Center this fall. I hope to finish in the spring with my LAH degree and transfer to Marist College to earn a bachelor's degree in journalism. I love to write, bake, and watch The Walking Dead. My dream is to work in New York City and write for a big newspaper or news network. I am excited to be a Trusted Reader this semester and use my love of writing to help other students.






Leigh Williams, 
Professor, English and Director of the Teaching Resource Project
The focus of the Teaching Resource Project is the Roundtable Lunch Project, a bi-weekly discussion on issues of teaching that brings together faculty and staff from across the disciplines. The Writing Center also sponsors an annual professional development workshop for faculty. In addition, at instructors’ requests, we offer workshops to students and classes in subjects such as writing research papers and taking essay exams.  williams@sunydutchess.edu 

Edwina Gray
Teaching Lab Assistant, Writing Center Computer Lab
Hi, I am usually the first face you will see when you enter the Writing Center. I’ve been here for about twelve years now, and each semester presents its own challenges as well as joys. I am here to share both with you. I often get questions ranging from, "Do you know what time the bus comes to the Main Mall," to "How do I create a database in Microsoft Access?" So feel free to stop by and drain every fiber of my being! Just kidding, looking forward to your visit. gray@sunydutchess.edu

Jeffrey Canino

Jeffrey Canino – Professional Tutor  As a professional tutor here at DCC, my goal is to assist your writing needs in any way I can. Be it brainstorming, outlining, drafting, or revising that has you stressed out, you can count on me as a trusted reader to help guide you through the sometimes daunting (but always rewarding) writing process. I received my M.A. in English Literature from SUNY New Paltz. In addition to my work here at the Writing Center, I'm an instructor of composition and literature at several local universities. I look forward to working with you this semester!


Shannon Flynn – Professional Tutor Hello, students,welcome to the Writing Center! We're here to help you take the stress out of writing college papers so you can focus on what you want to say. At the Writing Center, you can even make friends with APA style, if that's what your assignment requires. As for me, my professional background is in book publishing and advertising. I have a history book coming out next year and a group art show in Manhattan this fall. My masters degree is in Secondary Education, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and I enjoy traveling and studying languages. I look forward to meeting you. Have a happy and productive semester.

Henry Ricci, Professional Tutor I am excited to be here working with you on any and all writing assignments but very interested in seeing creative writing assignments as well. From my years of tutoring here in the Writing Center, I am again proposing the "money back guarantee" for your session because I know you and your paper will benefit from the experience, and you will enjoy yourself. How can you go wrong with that? I received my Master's from Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut in English with a writing concentration and am a professional writing tutor here at Dutchess. PS. The administration has not (yet) approved my guarantee idea, but stay tuned!