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Hello everyone, my name is Paul Christian , and I am just starting my second semester this fall. I am currently in the Engineering program, and planning to transfer and finish a four-year degree, most likely at New Paltz. I moved here to New York last fall, and I really like it so far. Outside of class I enjoy traveling (new places especially), reading and scuba diving. This will be my first time working in the Writing Center, or even tutoring at all - it should be a great experience, and I am really looking forward to seeing you all in there. As a non-traditional student, I will take an extra year to finish up here at Dutchess, so hopefully I will have plenty of time to spend in the Writing Center, getting to know all of you - thanks!

My name is Catherine Cole, and I'm in my fourth semester at DCC.  I'm a non-traditional student and am in school after a long break, career, and raising my kids.  I love writing and literature and hope to impart encouragement, guidance and enthusiasm for your written work at DCC.  I love tutoring and have done some literacy tutoring previously and am looking forward to tutoring in the Writing Center! 

Vanessa Cordero  I am a writer. I spend much of my time writing creatively and reading. So far, I have only experimented with short fiction and poetry, but I hope to write novels as I become a better and more confident writer. My other hobbies include music and art. I have been playing guitar since I was ten. I also use art to add to my literature and create visual aids for my work.

Hello peers! My name is Alexander Davis , and this is my third semester at DCC. I've tutored throughout high school, and I'm very excited to begin tutoring at the Writing Center. I'd like to share with you many of the skills I have learned
that made me a better writer. Whether you need help brainstorming or just want a grammar check, I hope to be able to help in any way I can. We hope to see you soon and frequently in the Writing Center.

My name is Ama Elsirafy , and I attend Dutchess Community College. I was born and raised in the United States but my parents are from Egypt. I lived in Egypt for a couple of years to learn Arabic, thus mastering both the Arabic and English language. I aspire to be a journalist to broaden societal views about the Middle East because I have the balance between both American and Middle Eastern cultures. I am currently taking general classes at Dutchess so I can focus on my career-oriented classes at a 4-year college. So far I love it at Dutchesss, in particular the English 218 class I am currently enrolled in. I’ve already learned so much from the class and hope to become a new and improved writer as well as tutor.

My name is Steve Groh . I enjoy reading, writing, and learning. My desire is to become an investigative journalist both here and overseas and try my best to eliminate poverty and other social problems. I love differant cultures-- something that will fit right in to my major. This year is my last at Dutchess, and I plan to transfer to Nyack College, a private school in southern New York State. 


Hello, everyone! My name is Andrea Monteleone , and this is my second semester at Dutchess, and I am really excited to be a part of the Writing Center community! I am currently a Liberal Arts and Science-Humanities Honors major, but when I transfer I plan to major in museum studies. My goal in life is to become a museum curator in London, UK! My passions are history, reading, writing, and laughing. I look forward to this opportunity to meet new people and to help in any way that I can. I hope that I can influence my fellow writers that writing can be something that they can enjoy and excel at.

Hey everyone, my name is Brigitte Necta , and this is my fourth semester at DCC. I’m a nursing major and hopefully I’ll start clinicals next spring! When I get a break from schoolwork, you’ll catch me reading or watching television shows on Netflix. I’m very excited to tutor at the Writing Center this semester. I know it will be an unforgettable experience. I look forward to helping my peers in any way that I can!

My name is Sekaya Newsome , and my friends call me Kaya. I am a 21 year old liberal arts and sciences major with a concentration in biology. I absolutely
love science and writing, and I enjoy doing projects that involve bringing both topics together. I also enjoy sports, exercise, and I live on coffee!

Sup world; my name is Aidan O'Callaghan and I'm a freshman at DCC in my second semester. I've loved to read and write my entire life, and have been employed at the Red Hook and Hyde Park Observers (local newspapers) as a contributing writer and journalist since late 2012. I am extremely excited to begin tutoring in the Writing Center, as I can think of nothing I'd like to do more than facilitate better writing and assist my fellow students in achieving their academic aspirations.

Hello. My name is Jordan Reeves . I enjoy reading and writing in my spare time. I find a certain depth in writing that cannot be expressed so easily in speech. I am on my last semester at Dutchess Community College. After graduation, I intend to move on to another college and major in journalism. I have never tutored before, but it is an experience that I look forward to. Being able to help others with their writing will allow me to get a different perspective that I never had access to before. Hopefully this new insight would help improve myself as well as anybody who I set out to help in the future.

Greetings. I'm Schuyler Sattin , a fellow Dutchess student and tutor newbie. Like you, I've been reading and writing since I was a very small child. As I was growing up, my teachers wrote (mostly) positive things on report cards, praising my abilities in these realms. I appreciated it; however, they never left out the esteem crippling comments about my penmanship. That said, I'll be proud to assist you in your literary growth and continue to batter down calligraphic conventions along the way. 

Hi. I'm Tina Staniscia , a non-traditional student in my third semester at DCC.  Next to my family, words are my passion. Whether written or spoken, words continually fascinate me. Being in the LAH program has improved my writing and conversational skills and has also piqued my curiosity on so many levels. By being part of the Writing Center team, I hope to mentor my fellow students so they too can love words, not fear them.

Hi there. I’m Tracy Stano , and I’m currently a freshman at DCC. I like theater, reading, and attempting to catch the crazy plotlines running through my head and crafting them into some substantial words fit for a story. I have aspirations of becoming a high school English teacher, so the opportunity that the Writing Center is giving me is amazing. I’m looking forward to working with you all, but I can’t do that if you don’t visit the Writing Center. So do that, and maybe you’ll have me as a tutor, and I could help you with your paper, we could grab some food, and we could be friends.

Hi. My name is Jonathan Stupple . If you choose to come to the Writing Center, and I have the pleasure to assist you with your writing, I will do my best to help you in whatever way possible. I have spent the majority of my life overseas. As a result, I am open-minded and patient, but, more importantly, I am fully familiar with the struggles of trying to adapt to a new system of schooling and thought. I also have first-hand experience with the difficulties of writing in a foreign language, which college-level writing can most certainly seem like sometimes. So, whether you are just starting with your paper and looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, looking for a second eye to go over your final draft, or somewhere in between, I promise that I will strive to provide you with the help that you need and deserve.

Hello everyone! I'm Kate Sullivan , a business administration major, and this is my fifth semester at DCC. I have been looking forward to this semester and more specifically becoming a tutor here at the Writing Center! While I am very tickled to be a part of this wonderful group of tutors, I was once on the other side of the desk. I hope that my insight and experience can alleviate any stress or concern that anyone has about coming to the Writing Center. Outside of school I work at Starbucks as well as at a chiropractor's office; I spend my actual "free time" indoor rock climbing and kickboxing. I couldn't be more excited to be here and am willing help any way that I can!

Hello, my name is Matthew Travagline . I am in my fourth and final semester at Dutchess. I am majoring in EDL (Secondary Education with a concentration in English). Let me briefly tell you about myself. I have two coexistent passions: reading and writing. I’ve only recently started writing for a purpose other than to splash around, but I am innately ambitious and am currently working on my debut science-fiction and fantasy mash-up novel –I do work on it occasionally, like when I’m not working as a student aide, a tutor, or on the growing mound of homework that I need to get done to in order to graduate in the spring. 

Hi! My name is Joshua Tubbiola, and I’m an aviation student here at DCC. Flying airplanes is my passion and my future career, and I take great pride in saying that I’m a pilot. Guitar, piano, reading and writing are a few of my hobbies, as well as anything that involves problem solving or building. Unlike most of the students at DCC, I was home schooled: the same teacher, same classroom, same everything for twelve years, and I’m very happy that I was raised that way. In general, I love to learn anything, because I don’t think you can ever know or do enough!


Josh Wright


Hello! My name is Joshua Wright , and I major in both Liberal Arts in Science (LAX) and Nursing-- now that's a whole lot of Biology. The reason why I enjoy the health field is because I have always had a huge passion to heal, The fact that many people are unable to live their life to the "fullest," as a result of sickness, strongly disturbs me. If I can help just one person heal and be able to enjoy his/her life without the worries of sickness, then I will feel a huge sense of accomplishment. However, my goal is not just to help one but millions. My willingness to help others is not limited to the field of health but instead acts as key value for my morals; and because of that, I enjoy the opportunity to assist students as a tutor in the Writing Center.

 Hello everyone! My name is Keara Wright , and this is my third semester here at DCC. I am currently in the Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities Honors sequence, and am continuously exploring career possibilities. I love playing sports, reading, traveling, and writing. I have been lucky enough to have had excellent teachers who have taken the time to help me become a confident writer, and I hope that I may be of similar help to you. Feel free to stop into the Writing Center where I and an excellent team are more than willing to look over your paper. Looking forward to meeting all you beautiful people! 



Tom Denton,
Professor, English and Director of the Writing Center
 Last year was the Writing Center's busiest ever. More and more students are using our tutoring services to strengthen their writing and thinking skills, improve course grades, and enjoy a comfortable campus home where they find new friends. This year we aim to experiment with some new writing technologies that might give writers tools to capture and process their sessions, enhancing the opportunities for revision. denton@sunydutchess.edu


Leigh Williams, 
Professor, English and Director of the Teaching Resource Project
The focus of the Teaching Resource Project is the Roundtable Lunch Project, a bi-weekly discussion on issues of teaching that brings together faculty and staff from across the disciplines. The Writing Center also sponsors an annual professional development workshop for faculty. In addition, at instructors’ requests, we offer workshops to students and classes in subjects such as writing research papers and taking essay exams.  williams@sunydutchess.edu 

Edwina Gray
Teaching Lab Assistant, Writing Center Computer Lab
Hi, I am usually the first face you will see when you enter the Writing Center. I’ve been here for about twelve years now, and each semester presents its own challenges as well as joys. I am here to share both with you. I often get questions ranging from, "Do you know what time the bus comes to the Main Mall," to "How do I create a database in Microsoft Access?" So feel free to stop by and drain every fiber of my being! Just kidding, looking forward to your visit. gray@sunydutchess.edu

 Lou Reid

Lou Reid, 
Professional Tutor  Greetings! This is my first semester at DCC, and I am excited to work with my Composition students and with all of the students who visit our Writing Center. Whether it be an outline, first draft, or the ninth revision of an essay, take-home test, or term paper, I’m eager to discuss and analyze your work with you. After earning a Master’s Degree in Literature from SUNY New Paltz in December of 2012, I’ve been studying race and gender relations in American sports, ESL theory and pedagogy, and percussion theory. When I’m not teaching, tutoring, or reading, I play the drums in an electronica band.  I look forward to meeting you -- best of luck!"


Henry Ricci, Professional Tutor  I am excited to be here working with you on any and all writing assignments but very interested in seeing creative writing assignments as well. From my years of tutoring here in the Writing Center, I am again proposing the "money back guarantee" for your session because I know you and your paper will benefit from the experience, and you will enjoy yourself. How can you go wrong with that? I received my Master's from Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut in English with a writing concentration and am a professional writing tutor here at Dutchess. PS. The administration has not (yet) approved my guarantee idea, but stay tuned!