How to Collaborate with a DCC Writing Tutor

1) If you do NOT have an account with Google, head to, click the “SIGN IN” icon, and then click the “SIGN UP” icon. Create an account.

If you do have an account with Google, click the “SIGN IN” icon and enter your account information.

2) Once you are logged into Google, click the nine-piece square icon in the upper right-hand corner of the window (next to the word "images"), then click the "DRIVE" icon that appears; a new tab or window will open.  OR click "More" in the upper banner, then "Drive."  (It will depend on the browser you are using.)

Welcome! This new tab is your Google Drive, a space where you can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, and other forms of media.

3) Click the “CREATE” icon on the left-hand side of the screen and select “DOCUMENT”; another new tab or window will open with a blank document. Begin your writing assignment—or you may copy/paste a completed paper (e.g., a Word document) into the window. When you are finished, you might want to copy/paste your work into another backup file that can be saved to a flash drive or your e-mail—but leave your Drive document on screen.

4) At the top of your document, please describe the assignment, specifically, and what aspects of your paper you would like to discuss with the professional tutor—again, be specific. For example:

Assignment: to describe my favorite place using sensory details

Request to tutor: please pay attention to my sentence structure near the beginning, all of my transitions, and my conclusion.

5) Once you are ready to share your document with the DCC Writing Center, call (845) 431-8095 and schedule an appointment for a real-time tutoring session. Then, click “FILE” at the top of the Google Drive window and select “SHARE.”

6) A window will open on your screen that will ask you to title your document; title your document with your last name and first name initial, comma, class, comma, and the date. FOR EXAMPLE:

SmithK, ENG101, 9/4/13

7) Click “SAVE.”

8) Another window will appear on screen; in the “INVITE PEOPLE” box near the bottom of the window, enter   then, click “SHARE AND SAVE.”

9) Click “DONE.”

10) At the time of your appointment, sign back into your Google “DRIVE” and click the document you shared with

11) In this space, you’ll discuss your project with a DCC Writing Center professional tutor. At the start of your appointment, you will receive an instant message from the tutor. You may respond in the “reply” box.

What to Remember:

--You need to have an account with Google.

--Call the Writing Center to schedule an appointment.

--Be online and ready at the time of your appointment.

--If you lose the instant message box, you can click the word bubble icon to reopen it.