Computer Lab

Adjacent to the Writing Center's tutoring area is a computer lab for open student use. The lab has twenty-one IBM-compatible computers, loaded with a variety of class-related software, including Windows XP with the Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access). Students may use computers for Internet research. Others work in the Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment (DIWE), a program used in many composition classes. Other students use course-specific programs for instructional and testing purposes. The labs are served by fast, high-quality laser and ink jet printers and a scanner.

Computer Lab--big

Students are welcome to drop in for free lab time during open hours. Students must sign in to use the lab.

Across the hall from the lab, in H-501, H-504, and H-506, are three computer classrooms that serve many students in English, reading, and foreign language classes.

Assistance is always available in the computer lab. Student aides are scheduled throughout the day and evening. Our Teaching Lab Assistant, Edwina Gray , offers expert professional help during the day to both students and teachers. Contact Mrs. Gray at (845) 431-8095.

Computer Lab Aides

pic Greetings, my name is Jasmyn D Smith , and this is currently my second year attending Dutchess Community College. I am a human services major with future career plans of being a clinical psychologist. I enjoy working in an environment with a diversity of people, and working in the Writing Center I have met a lot of great new people where we have all shared some great memories. Outside of school I participate in many activities such as the step team, mime team, dance team and the choir. I have also had the opportunity of briefly hearing Mr. Denton’s voice, which I must admit is pretty good. I also enjoy being an asset to the community in which I live. I have assisted in many food pantries and giving toys to young children in need. It truly feels good when you can be a help one to another.