Instrumentation we use at DCC

Infrared Spectrometer

We have a Perkin-Elmer Spectrum Two Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer, or FT-IR. It is used to identify functional groups in organic molecules. The instrument is used in General Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry I and II.

Gas Chromatograph

We have a Varian Gas Chromatograph, or GC. It is used for mixtures of organic chemicals and can tell us the number of kinds of chemicals in a sample and the proportion of each component. The instrument is used in Organic Chemistry I and II.

 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

Through an agreement with SUNY New Paltz , we are able to use their JEOL NMR for Organic Chemistry classes. NMR uses the same technology as the medical MRI.  It can tell us the structure of a molecule.  The connection to New Paltz is a remote hook-up, so we can run the instrument from our campus here at Dutchess through a computer.  Organic Chemistry classes use the NMR.