Withdrawal From College or Courses

Students who withdraw from either the College or a particular course must initiate such action in the Office of the Registrar.

Failure to attend class or providing informal notification to instructors will not be considered official notice of withdrawal.

A student may withdraw from the College (all courses) at any time prior to the first day of final examinations. Withdrawals initiated during the 75% refund period result in deletion of the course(s) from the record. Withdrawals initiated after the 75% refund period result in the appearance of the individual courses on the student’s transcript with grades of "W."

A student may withdraw from an individual full-semester course either during the 75% refund period, in which case the course will not appear on the transcript, or from the second week through the ninth week withdrawal deadline, in which case the course will appear on the transcript with a grade of "W." For other courses that do not meet for the entire semester, a student may withdraw and receive the grade of "W" through the date on which sixty percent of the course has been completed. This is the equivalent to the ninth week of a full-semester course. Students should check with the Office of the Registrar for the final withdrawal date for other courses that do not follow the standard schedule. A student may be administratively withdrawn by the College for lack of attendance, documented medical reasons, service to country or as a result of disciplinary action.

If a student feels he or she has an extenuating circumstance which justifies an exception to the standard withdrawal policy, he or she may appeal to the Withdrawal Appeal Committee.

• The appeal process is limited to enrolled courses taken within the last three (3) semesters prior to the semester when the request is made. (Appeals for semesters beyond this limit will not be reviewed.)

• All requests must be submitted in writing to the Withdrawal Appeal Committee and must include supporting documentation (e.g. copies of registration form, drop/add forms, medical verification) and the Tuition Refund Appeal Form.

• Appeals received without the proper documentation and form will not be reviewed.

• Appeals must be made by the student. Appeals made "on behalf of" a student will not be reviewed.

Withdrawal procedures and add/drop refund dates are widely publicized. Therefore, appeals based on lack of awareness of these issues will not be reviewed. The Committee’s decisions are final.