Waiver of Program Requirement

It is expected that a student will complete all the requirements of his/her curriculum. Under exceptional circumstances, certain requirements may be waived. New York State Education Department regulations, such as the minimum number of credits required for graduation and the required number of liberal arts and science credits, may not be waived. It should be noted that waivers are never automatic. Examples of when a requirement may be waived include: when a course scheduling problem has made it impossible for a student to meet a graduation requirement, or when a student needs to meet a specific requirement of a four-year college to which the student intends to transfer.

When a required course is waived, a course of an equal or a greater number of credits must be substituted. A Waiver or Modification of Curriculum form should normally be approved before the student enrolls in a substitute course. The approval process is initiated by the academic advisor, reviewed by the appropriate department heads, and finally acted upon by the dean of academic affairs.