Probation and Dismissal

A student “in good academic standing” is eligible to matriculate and may register for academic course work for the term in question. Students whose academic performance falls below the standards normally required by the College may either be placed on probation or recommended for dismissal by the Academic Standards Committee. Probation is a status assigned to those students showing reasonable promise of improving their performance. Students are recommended for dismissal when they fail to demonstrate the ability and interest required for successful completion of a given program (as indicated below). Dismissal will reduce a student’s academic course load to part-time status. First-time full-time students may be invited to a Student Success Workshop for reinstatement to full-time status.

Academic probation, which may include constraints upon a student’s activities, is intended as an educational device to encourage greater effort on the part of students who appear to be having difficulty in meeting certain academic standards. Placement on academic probation may include denial of the right to register for academic course work unless certain conditions are met. Full‑time students on academic probation will be given credit restrictions. Although a student on academic probation is performing below the standards normally required by the College, that student is still considered to be in good academic

Any student may appeal to the dean, or assistant dean of student services, who may extend special consideration to those students whose circumstances or academic records indicate that such consideration is warranted. 

The following guidelines are used to determine the status of matriculated students:

Credits Attempted Probation**
0-18* lower than 1.50 lower than 1.00
19-36 lower than 1.75 lower than 1.40
37-54 lower than 1.90 lower than 1.70
more than 54 lower than 2.00 lower than 1.90
* Applies to part-time students once they have attempted twelve credits
** Full-time students on probation will generally be limited to fourteen credits
*** Loss of matriculation - student must complete six credits with C or better to be re-matriculated.