Grade Point Averages

The overall quality of a student’s work for a semester is measured by current term GPA, while the quality of all the work a student has done at the College through one or more semesters is indicated by cumulative GPA or CPA. The student’s term GPA is determined in the following manner:

Using quality points for each grade as defined in the Grading System section, multiply the number of quality points equivalent to the letter grade received in each course by the number of credit hours for the course to get total quality points received for the course. Divide the sum of the quality points received in all courses by the total number of credit hours. Round to the nearest hundredth. The quotient represents the student’s current term GPA for the semester.

The student’s cumulative GPA is determined in the same way, except that it includes all credit work completed at the College. In the event a course is repeated, the highest grade and quality points are used in the computation of the cumulative GPA.


Course   Total Credit Grade Quality Points Total Quality Points
ENG 101   3 A 4.00 12.00
CHE 121   4 C+ 2.33 9.32
MAT 118   3 D 1.00 3.00
HIS 102   3 F 0.00 0.00
BHS 103   3 A - 3.67 11.01
PED   1 B 3.00 3.00

CPA = 38.33/17 = 2.25